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15 June 2006
The Second Quarterly State Of The Penis Report
by George Atkinson

Astute readers may recall that in my last missive I declared that in spite of measurable growth (slightly less than 0.5 inch) in my penis over the course of six months use, I could not state categorically that the growth was permanent. I'd noticed some shrinkage over a couple of weeks when I had not worn the extender and was worried that this shrinkage might continue indefinitely after I discontinued usage. At first glance this seems reasonable. After all, muscle tissue shrinks when you stop doing weights. But muscle cells don't divide when they grow, they just get bigger. The principle behind these extenders is that the stress from the constant traction triggers new tissue growth in the penis. At least that's the theory.

But if the dink were to shrink once traction ended, it would mean these newly created cells must die-off when the traction stops. This happens with skin. Skin expands and contracts because skin cells are forming and dying off all the time, but the skin is unique in this regard. In most other tissues in the body - including penis tissue - the cell growth and death cycle is much, much slower. Therefore the growth I've noticed should be permanent. That is... if the underlying principle of traction and tissue growth is correct. But what if it's not? Maybe the reason my dick is longer is because every cell in my dick has been stretched out of shape? Or maybe my dick is longer because the stretching has caused injury to the tissue and the whole thing has just swollen up. Oh my God... What if the stretching damaged the very cells I was hoping would divide? What if all these cells die off en masse? I'll be left with a stubby little remnant of my former dick!

In the interest of science and the service of my readers I decided to take three months off from stretcher wearing to see if my dick would shrink or stay the same. Three glorious months of nothing in my underwear except a dick and two balls. What freedom! I could leave the house without checking to make sure everything was strapped into place. I could wear snug fitting pants with my shirt tugged in. I didn't have to calculate how long I would be in public without being able to take my stretcher off. I could bend over and touch my toes anytime I felt like it. I didn't of course; I can't abide touching my toes. But hey, freedom is about the possibility for action, not action in itself.

But time marches on and like all good things my stretcher-free sabbatical has come to an end. Time to whip out the ruler and see what's up. My first measurement is of my stretched penis. Now before I went on my sabbatical my stretched penis length was almost seven inches. If I dug the ruler in a bit I was, in fact, seven inches. This was a full inch and a quarter longer than when I first started wearing the stretcher and the stretched length was easily the biggest change. I could stretch my dick as far as those guys from Puppetry of the Penis. I could claim, with my fingers crossed behind my back, that I possessed a seven inch dick.

No longer however, my penis HAS shrunk in these last few months. A good tug will get me to just under 6.75 inches. That's a loss of about 0.25 inch. My stretched penis is still a good deal longer than when I started but the loss IS disappointing. A stretched penis isn't going to impress any potential mate: "Look! Look how far I can pull it out! Isn't that amazing, Babe... Babe?" But I had bragging rights to consider. Alright, I never bragged but hey... freedom is about the possibility for action, not action in itself, right?

The erect measurement is harder to gauge. My erections these days seem to be as variable as the weather. When I was young I got a hard-on with every passing female. Now it seems I can go days without lifting the blanket. But after watching some porn and feeling up my wife I finally managed to get a good measurement and... 6.4 inches. It's the same give or take a fraction of an inch as it was when I stopped wearing the stretcher and 0.4 of an inch longer than when I first starting wearing it. This is not nearly as long as the literature suggested it would be but, where it counts at least, the gains I made seem to be staying.

I've been wearing the stretcher now for about a week and I seem to have regained my elasticity. That is to say my stretched penis length is back to what it was before I stopped wearing the stretcher. Maybe my intuition is right about cells being stretched out of shape. My erect measurement represents an increase in the number of cells; my stretched measurement represents the degree to which individual cells distort themselves. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I've got a seven incher, baby, and nobody can tell me otherwise.

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