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10 July 2012
Bad laws crippling global AIDS response, says UN
An independent body of global leaders and experts set up by the UN says that punitive laws and human rights abuses are costing lives, wasting money and stifling the global AIDS response...

29 June 2012
Oldsters unfairly denied nookie
Because of concerns about safety, elderly care home residents are being denied the right to consensual sex, say specialists in the Journal of Medical Ethics...

25 June 2012
Obesity reduced with testosterone therapy
For testosterone-deficient men, major long-term weight loss was a significant beneficial side effect of testosterone replacement therapy...

20 June 2012
Prevalence of HIV superinfection surprises researchers
HIV superinfection (infection with multiple strains of the virus) may be as common as initial HIV infection and is not limited to high risk-populations, according to a surprising new study...

18 June 2012
Cheaters worse than swingers for condom use
People who were sexually unfaithful without their partner's knowledge were less likely to practice safe sex than those who had other sexual relationships with their partner's consent, say researchers looking into safe sex trends...

14 June 2012
Study reveals prevalence of sexting
Twenty percent of high school students have sent a sexually explicit image of themselves and around twice that many said they had received sexually explicit images...

11 June 2012
Same-sex parenting outcomes challenged
The notion that children of same-sex parents fare just as well as children with heterosexual parents has been challenged by two new studies...

8 June 2012
Fluidity of sexual orientation correlates with alcohol misuse
According to new findings, young men whose sexual self-definition didnít fall into exclusively heterosexual or homosexual categories tended to misuse alcohol more...

6 June 2012
Protective bacteria found in male urinary tract
New research contradicts the accepted notion that pre-sexual men do not have bacteria in their urinary tracts...

1 June 2012
Men lose in office hygiene stakes
Men's offices have significantly more bacteria than women's, with chairs and phones showing the highest abundance of bacteria...

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