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Ask Big Al

Big Al is available to our readers for help and advice on natural enlargement techniques and other matters pertaining to getting a bigger cock. You can email Al (mark your emails for his attention) and each week he'll answer reader's questions on this page. You can also visit Al's own website to find out more about his methods and techniques.

Stamina Exercises
Q. So far I've only been doing the newbie routine so as not to over do it. Should I incorporate some stamina exercises now or wait until after my week break?

Big Al: You should be doing your stamina work about 3-5 times a week. It's the most important part of your routine. Start with a moderate amount of repetitions and activity for now- your goals should be to do 50- 5 second kegels, and 20 minutes of the Stop and Start with a full erection

Q. Why do you suggest I do start/stops?

Big Al: For several reasons. The Stop and Start is probably the best exercise that you can do for "penile fitness." Even if you don't "need" extra stamina or sexual control, this exercise (when done after a PE session) will keep the penile tissues expanded longer post-workout, will increase blood flow, and will help speed recuperation. Performing it 3-4 times a week will result in better gains overall. If you had to pick just one exercise to do, this one should be it.

Q. I would like to ask for your opinion concerning my 5 sec erect kegel session. I have noticed that at times, it is very easy for me to get a 100% erection when doing my kegels and at times, I require extra effort. Is this merely a stimulation problem? Please what do you think I can do to enhance my getting erect easily on a consistent basis? At times I even kegel for longer than 5 sec when not fully erect. I hope that is not wrong in any way.

Big Al: It's fine if you have to stimulate yourself to maintain your erection. VERY IMPORTANT - if you "worry" over this it will interfere with your training. Instead of worrying, look at it as a step by step process. Remember - the END GOAL is 50 x 5 second erect kegels. Once you're able to use visualization only and to concentrate on the exercise you'll get better at maintaining the erection.

Using An Extender
Q. I started training again yesterday and was wondering if I could incorporate an ADS (All Day Stretcher) in my routine and if so which was is best.

Big Al: About ADS - if you want to try it I'd suggest doing it in lieu of length work. You can try alternating days - one session manual stretches, the next ADS. That way, you can test the effects without losing the benefits of manual stretches.

Pron Problem
Q. Once, I was able to have intercourse with my girl multiple times with no problem. However I have another problem now. It sounds sad but actually the pleasure I get from being in her is not enough to keep me going a long time. I was not able to ejaculate and I tried multiple times, probably had sex like 10 + times if u can call it this way, cause I was getting limp somewhere between the 5th and 10th minute mark, every time. I noticed that when her vagina is tight I am able to stay hard and have pleasure but once it gets loose and nice or I start going faster I am losing my erection completely. I don't know if it is psychological or physical. I am able to ejaculate in under 5 minutes and stay hard forever watching porn, but not when actually having sex. I have recently weaned myself off the porn.

Big Al: You seem to be getting things under control - which is great, but you'll make more progress by learning to enjoy sex rather than seeing it as something that you have to do to prove something to yourself (or others). The fact that you're able to perform fine with porn is a good sign, but you may want to try staying away from any kind of sexual stimulation apart from your lovemaking and your exercises for now. While porn can be useful in certain situations you shouldn't become dependent on it for stimulation.

Diminishing Returns
Q. I was PEing for over a year before coming here, I gained an inch and a quarter in length and a half an inch in girth. Since starting with Al I have gained in EQ and stamina a bit, but have only gained .1 in length, its been 8 months now. I am a firm believer that most people will make gains rapidly at the begining and then taper off dramatically after a certain point. I also believe that everyone has a point where they will stop making gains, I fear that is where I am at now.

Big Al: While the law of diminishing returns applies to PE just like all things, I don't think you can get to "0"- cells adapt to stress in all types of different ways. If something stops working after awhile, finding a new stimulus becomes necessary. This may mean experimenting until you find something that works. I've been recently recommending to some hard gainers that they take some time off from standard training to try a "fun" phase in which they do what they like when they like it (without going too intense). The point of this is to allow the trainee to take a mental as well as physical break from their routines, and it also allows for the possibility of introducing new techniques to see if that has an effect on spurring growth.

Supplements for semen production
Q. I'm now taking L-Arginine, Pycnogenol, L-Glutamine and Zinc (together with my multi-vitamins and Omega-oils). So far I like the effect the pills have in general; in the gym, bathroom and sex. Also thinking the good feeling has something to do with me falling back into schedule. I will be adding and trying some other supplements, done quite a bit of research in this area. Do you have any good advice or suggested reading when it comes to supplements? Also I'd like to know if there's something that will stimulate ejaculate load/semen production?

Big Al: How are the supplements you're taking currently working for you? In regards to supplements, I recommend trying one specific supplement alone for at least a couple of weeks to see what (if any) improvements you get from it. By adding only one variable at a time, you'll know what works and what doesn't. For increasing the volume of your ejaculate I'd suggest trying lecithin. It's a "friendly fat" with many beneficial properties. It's also relatively inexpensive and can be found in most nutrition outlets and drugstores.

Hit a wall with extender
Q. I asked you a couple questions a couple months back. I took your advice and stopped using the bathmate until the bruising healed. Stopped using it until the larger model comes out. Anyway, been using the Jes Extender for about 13 months now. From Jan of 2009 to Dec of 2009. I believe I gained about an inch and a half in length, maybe a quarter inch in girth. I noticed the 1.5 inches after Oct of 2009, however, I haven't seen anything new in some time. Do you think I should just stop using it? How much more length and girth do you think I can add if I finish off 2010 or go to 2011 using the Jes Extender? Could girth take this long to take effect? I wear it 6 hrs a day, mon-fri, sometimes for an hour or two on Sundays. Also, been thinking about getting a Vac Pump from Kaplan, would this be a good idea for girth? I would like to do all my gaining using pumps or extenders, would like to skip all exercises.

Big Al: Are you trying to force occasional increases in rod lengths? I would also recommend adding a short bout of manual work before your extender routine to "pre-stretch" your penis. You don't have to go intense - consider that the maximum tension settings on the JES is only 3.3 lbs. This should give you a boost in gains. Have you taken any layoffs in all that time?

Over-jelqing risk?
Q. Al, how many jelq strokes should a beginner start his routine with?

Big Al: You should start with as many as you can comfortably perform, but not exceeding 100. For most men, that number is usually around 40 or so- which is why it's used in the "Charting Your Progress" sample.

Ulis and Jelqs
Q. On one forum I read about squeezes such as the horse squeeze. Because of the discoloration, I have read that you recommend squeezes instead of Uli's and Jelqs which may increase the discoloration. What are your thoughts on exercises to not increase the discoloration? Since I believe it was Uli's and Jelqs that caused it?

Big Al: Any intensely performed girth movement can cause discoloration, but the culprits are usually clamping or any movement that uses a device or restricts circulation for an extended period of time. Doing stamina work (to promote blood flow) and a thorough warm-down will help alleviate the possibility of discoloration.

Q. I have read the forums regarding discoloration and I've seen pics on other forums and such. You say it could be "hemosiderin stains"(?) and that a topical ointment with B-5 and warm wraps can help remove them. I went to a pharmacy and the guy said that there wouldn't be a topical cream with B-5 in it? Do you mean Vitamin B-5? Do you know any particular brands or examples?

Big Al: Yes, Vitamin B-5, aka "Pantothenic Acid." Some cocoa butter creams come infused with B-5 (like Palmer's), and I wouldn't recommend anything too potent.

How Long?
Q. Should I expect gains in the first month? I am committed to one year and realize the gains will not be fast. Is there a chance of any real noticeable size difference in the flaccid size after doing the exercises or is it mainly in the erect size?

Big Al: One thing that a lot of trainees don't get is that the stamina work used in conjunction with PE exercises makes a huge difference. If you do your PE exercises and really make progress on your "Stop and Starts", those tissues will get stretched, blood flow will improve dramatically, and you should notice some measurable gains within the first month.

Other Methods
Q. Is jelqing the only way to enlarge, are there other ways, and are there any instructional videos on enlargement with jelqs or anything? And could I gain an extra inch or so in length if I jelq'd or whatever for a month, like what could I gain in length for a month, my girth can wait, I'm more length concerned.

Big Al: Jelqing isn't the only way to enlargement, but it's a good exercise for beginner's due to its moderate intensity and ease of performing. You can review some more enhancement exercise videos here: http://www.peforum.net/forum/showthread.php?t=8843

Dry Jelq versus Wet Jelq
Q. I'm wondering about the effectiveness and the targeting of a dry jelq vs. wet jelq. How do they work respectively even though they seem to be the same motion?

Big Al: Dry jelqs are usually done with less of an erection and seem to target length more (because of the friction caused from doing them "dry"), while the wet jelq is typically done with more of an erection and seems to target girth more.

Q. I was using conditioner as lube for my PE exercises and now my penis is covered in dry peeling skin. What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

Big Al: Avoid using perfumed soaps or conditioners as they can turn the sensitive skin of the penis. Stick to using KY, Vaseline, cocoa butter, baby oil, or creams designed for sensitive skin for best results.

Q. I have a question about penis enlargement pills, I was taking pro solution and now I'm taking Vimax. My question is do these pills have reverse effects? They are suppose to enlarge the penis but do they ever cause the penis to get smaller? Give me your honest answer cause I'm really worried about this. And is there any penis enlargement pill that you recommend??

Big Al: A quality pill acts like an herbal "Viagra", but doesn't have the drug's negative side effects. If I had to recommend a top brand it would be VigRx. I haven't heard of a male enhancement pill having the reverse effect, although pills with stimulants (like Ma Huang) act as vasoconstrictors and can temporarily interfere with erections.

Q. Can PE work for uncut men?

Big Al: Of course! You'll need to make a few modifications to some exercises though. For jelqing, use a lot of lube and/or pull back any excess skin with your non-jelqing hand. For stretches, make sure to have your foreskin fully retracted before you set your grip for the stretch.

Jelq Only?
Q. Is jelqing the only way to enlarge, are there other ways, and are there any instructional lessons available? And could I gain an extra inch or so in length if I jelqed for a month?

Big Al: Jelqing isn't the only way to enlargement, but it's a good exercise for beginners due to its moderate intensity and ease of performing. There's a free introductory jelq routine available.

Jelqing Gains
Q. Should I expect gains in the first month? I am committed to one year and realize the gains will not be fast. Is there a chance of any real noticeable size difference in the flaccid size after doing the exercises or is it mainly in the erect size?

Big Al: One thing that a lot of trainees don't get is that the stamina work used in conjunction with PE exercises makes a huge difference. If you do your PE exercises and really make progress on your "Stop and Starts", those tissues will get stretched, blood flow will improve dramatically, and you should notice some measurable gains within the first month.

Tunica (or Three-nica)
Q. I am newbie planning to get into PE. After reading up on several enlargement forums, I get the idea that I probably have more than 2 layers of tunica (supposedly, 2 is average) so I have the idea that gains (especially girth) will take longer for me than most. I also read that heating up my wang is absolutely critical for the collagen (in the connective and elastic tissues) to break down. My question is; while normally these websites recommend thatwarm ups and cool downstake 10-15 mins each, do you recommend that I warm up for about 30 mins each, and also in between exercises (ie. transitioning between, say, stretches and jelqs) ?

Big Al: What gives you the idea that you may have an extra thick tunica? I would say that if you could truly verify that you indeed have a thinker than typical tunica then maybe a slightly greater time spent warming up would be a benefit. You wouldn't have to go out of your way with doing warm ups between movements though.

The Nuts And Bolts
Q. How do these penis enlargement exercises really work?

Big Al: Penis enlargement works on a basic principal of physiology known as Davis' Law - which states: "Ligaments and other soft tissues, when placed under unremitting tension, elongate by the addition of new material." I believe that the effects of penis enlargement may best be explained by a combination of mechanical and biological creep. Mechanical creep is defined as the elongation of tissue beyond its intrinsic extensibility resulting from a constant load applied over time (as with PE exercises). On the cellular level: "Networks of fibrous collagen and elastin within these tissues are clearly able to reorient themselves after the application of force." Biological creep refers to the generation of new tissue (after mechanical creep). This can occur during the "cementing" phase of PE.

Keeping Gains
Q. Is it possible to keep making PE gains or does it stop at 2 inches?

Big Al: Like anything else there'll be a point of diminishing returns, but by applying more advanced techniques, increasing intensity, and learning more about your individual recovery abilities there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to gain on some level indefinitely.

Q. I've been doing PE for 2 months straight. Should I take a few months off to decondition?

Big Al: You don't need to take a break for a few months - one week is plenty unless you're very overtrained. Are you keeping track of things like your erection levels, stamina, and how your penis feels overall? Overtraining usually manifests itself in interfering with these parameters.

Q. I don't always have time to warm up for my PE routine. Is that a bad idea?

Big Al: Yes - your chance of injuring yourself goes up greatly and your workouts are less productive when your tissues are cold.

Q. I've been taking penis pills for 1 month and haven't noticed any difference. Is this normal?

Big Al: Have you been taking them in conjunction with some from of training regimen? Most supplements of that type won't do anything for increasing your erect size unless you use them in conjunction with a PE program.

V Jelqs
Q. On my rest days can I do some stretches or V-Jelqs?

Big Al: Off days are for rest and recuperation. You grow from rest and recuperation. Rest days should be used for rest and nothing else.

Staying Hard
Q. I just started jelqing consistently about 2 weeks ago after about 2 months of reading up on the subject and a few attempts where I wasn't dedicated enough. Now, I am completely dedicated to getting a larger, harder penis. I bought Gingko Balboa, L'arganine, Cayenne Pepper, and I'm talking multi vitamins. In the 2 weeks, I noticed some girth gains, but nothing too significant as of yet.

Right now, my biggest goal is hardness! I am 20 years old and exercise 4-5 days a week and eat healthy. I consider myself very athletic. Now, this brings me to my question. How do I maintain an erection without being constantly stimulated? I am talking supplements and exercise, so that shouldn't be a problem. However, when I masturbate or have sex, I often lose an erection very quickly if I stop stimulation to the penis. This bothers me especially during sex, when we change positions to try something new, I often lose the erection. How do I maintain an erection without stimulation? I also don't get morning wood, but if I do, it's not very strong. How do I improve on this?

Big Al: Prioritizing stamina work like the "Stop and Start" (S&S - edging) will help. This should be combined with mental imagery as well. Here's an excellent exercise that can be used alongside the S&S for developing maximum control:

Many men never experience the full potential of pleasure that they can receive from their sexual encounters. This little-known mental/sexual exercise will take you to levels of pleasure and control that you never thought possible! First, you must find a time and a place in which you will be COMPLETELY undisturbed for 20-30 minutes.

Lie back naked on your bed (or other comfortable surface) and encircle your penis with your thumb, index, and middle finger. Place your middle finger on the sensitive spot directly behind your penis glans (head). Rub your penis until it becomes erect - THEN STOP RUBBING!

Maintaining the pressure behind the glans with your middle finger, close your eyes and concentrate as deeply as possible on your most erotic thoughts.

At first, it will probably be difficult to concentrate deeply without a break in concentration for any length of time. This is why you keep practicing.

It will probably take a dozen sessions or more of 20-30 minutes before you are able to achieve the very deep level of concentration necessary for this exercise to work. * Your ability to concentrate and focus will become so strong, that you will be able to bring yourself to orgasm merely by keeping pressure behind the glans with your middle finger and concentrating on your erotic thoughts!

Some men have even reported multiple orgasms from following this technique! Once you have mastered this technique, you will then be able to fully appreciate the pleasures of sex! (Some men will not be able to achieve orgasm with mere pressure without movement.)

If this describes your situation, once you come as close to climaxing as mere pressure and concentration will allow, you can jiggle your penis just enough to push you over the edge into climax.

Erection Quality And Jelqing
Q. Lately I haven't been having solid erections even when I do the jelking and the stretching. Most of the time even morning woods are semi-hard. This normally happens during foreplay, I get into a hard state but it doesn't last long, maybe 1 min max. I don't worry about it as I can get into a semi-hard state which I am able to penetrate. My erections are not hard or even standing up. During intercourse as soon I regain my hardness I premature ejaculate every time. It's very frustrating. I am hoping a pill solution, with jelking and 30 mins of using the cock ring everyday will help my weak erections. I have been doing a lot of kegels whenever I remember. However it's hard to see if I am doing correctly.

Big Al: Thirty minutes of jelqing is quite a load - especially if you're a beginner. I would suggest sticking to the basic routine as outlined. Do your kegels with an erection. If when you contract you see your penis going up, you're doing it correctly. The "Stop and Start" will train you to stay erect longer. If you can keep a rock hard erection for 20 minutes doing a Stop and Start, you will have attained a very good deal of "penile fitness".

Masturbation And Jelqing
Q. Are you allowed to masturbate before or after jelqing?

Big Al: Sure, as long as it doesn't interfere with the productivity of your routine.

Skin Looseness
Q. The skin on my penis is loose even while erect and I was wondering how I should be doing jelqs to prevent further stretching of the skin? Should I be aiming to jelq the internal muscle-like structure of the penis (i.e. should I be feeling the jelq in-deep?) or is it the surface of the skin I should be gliding across? I've tried a few different ways - holding the skin near the base and jelqing across stretched skin (which I'm afraid might stretch my skin further) and I've tried pulling some skin back and moving the skin across the deeper tissue. What do you suggest I do?

Big Al: Use a good, thick lube, like Vaseline. This will ensure a smooth stroke. You may also try doing it with more of an erection so there's less loose skin.

Jelq Conundrums
Q. First off, if I sit in a Jacuzzi for about ten minutes, could that be a good substitute for hot wraps?

Big Al: That would be excellent, and you probably wouldn't need 10 minutes to do it.

Q. Also could I do the PC Flex in there as well?

Big Al: Most definitely. I would highly recommend it as the warmth of the water would keep the tissues very pliable.

Q. Second, when I do the tension stretch, how much force do I have to use when I pull? Thanks for any help.

Big Al: Start with just a moderate amount of force - enough to get a good stretch but definitely no pain or intense effort. You can add a little bit of intensity each workout from there.

Enlargement Exercises A Chore!
Q. I hate PE nowadays! I look at it as a chore and not something I enjoy. Anybody else had this problem? I'd love to overcome it and for it to become something I love doing and not like that I have to do it, I mean, I know I have to, but I don't want to look at it as a chore. Any advice?

Big Al: Maybe it has to do with whether or not you truly believe PE works. Knowing and believing that each workout takes you one step closer to your goals, it would be reasonable to think you'd be motivated by the aspect of doing it.

Enlargement: Reality Check
Q. To be honest, I haven't been doing my exercises on a serious consistent basis. A part of me is not convinced that PE works. And the other part of me doesn't have the energy at the end of the day to PE. I don't want to obsess over size but I have been a bit down on myself lately. I've managed to convince myself that I'm not good enough for beautiful women. There have been several very attractive girls that have actually been interested in me but I keep my distance because I'm afraid I can't satisfy them. It's hard to live this way if you feel inadequate in your own skin. I just needed to tell somebody this. But on a more realistic level, I think I want to invest in an extender, so I can wear it throughout the day. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for other ways to consistently do my exercises?

Big Al: That's a huge issue right there. If you don't believe that PE works then you won't put forth the effort it takes to make any gains. I appreciate your confiding in me, but your self esteem issues seem to run deep. Dwelling on these negative feelings will only make them worse. There's absolutely no reason why you couldn't satisfy a woman, and the fact that these beautiful women are expressing interest in you shows that you ARE worthy of them! I would suggest reading a few of the posts below to help. In addition to that, I highly suggest getting traetment in the form of self- education (reading self- improvement books) and/or getting therapy to get to the heart of why you feel this way. An extender is much more passive than doing exercises, but it actually requires a lot of committment. You'll have to wear it for several hours a day and make frequent checks to ensure proper circulation. If you're in public you'll have to ensure it's not visible under your clothing. With all that, I still believe that manual exercises give superior results.

Ejaculate Volume
Q. As an older male, what can be done to produce more "volume" as one gets older? Does the volume decrease as we get older? Trust me, I'm not looking to reproduce, but I would like to produce a sizable load consistently. I have been taking supplements, but volume still seems to vary.

Big Al: There is a decrease with age but it's not that significant. A significant decline in volume is a sign that something's not right. Make sure that you're fully hydrated and try taking lecithin. Working up to max intensity on your PE stamina work will enable you to ejaculate harder - expelling every last drop.

Sperm Count
Q. Has anyone tried those volume pills or special products that claim to increase your sperm count? Or is it a total scam?

Big Al: Volume doesn't necessarily equal more sperm, as the content of sperm is a very small percentage of total seminal volume. To optimize your sperm count, make sure that you're getting adequate amounts of Vitamin E and zinc. You may also want to have a sperm count test done to see what your levels are. If your count is low, tests can be done to determine the cause.

Aroused After PE
Q. What do you think the effects of masturbation are on PE progress? I have this feeling that masturbating too much, especially after a PE session isn't good for the penis, which should rest and grow. How much time must one wait before having sex or masturbation? The problem is after my PE session I often am highly aroused.

Big Al: I don't think masturbation has a negative effect. I certainly believe that PE should only positively enhance your sex life, so if you have the opportunity to have sex, postpone your PE workout or do it afterwards. You probably shouldn't masturbate immediately prior to a PE session unless you have a habit of getting too erect for your PE exercises. As far as masturbating after your session, feel free to do so.

Testosterone Issues
Q. I was hit on the head by a house brick when I was 10. This has affected my pituitary gland and testosterone levels. I cannot have children and 90 to 95 percent of the time I don't ejaculate but I go through the feeling that I have. I am still a virgin; I lost interest in girls because of the lack of testosterone. I put on weight got emotional, scared to go out etc. I am now 38 and been having treatment for it for the last 7 years. My penis has increased in size to 7 and a half inches in length and 6 and a bit in girth, my testicles are small. Am I big? Does it matter to a girl if I cannot cum? As I have been masturbated and oral of girls who wanted me to shoot on there face, breasts, mouth; they say they feel let down. Any ideas on how I can lose my virginity? I want to settle down but what lady would have me, no kids - no cum please can you help?

Big Al: You're definitely larger than average! Some women may worry about it, but you should find yourself a lady that cares for you and understands your condition. What kind of treatment are you getting? Has your physician told you what the outcome may be?

Penis Growth
Q. I am an 18 year old with an approximately 6 and a half inch penis. My birthday was in late february. I was wondering whether my penis is done growing? I read that the critical period ends right aroud late puberty, and I seem to be pretty much done, especially since I only got chest hair in the last year. But do you think I should try any supplements at this age? Is it possible to grow any more? P. S. It seems that lately, I have grown a little bit more in length and girth, but nothing significant.

Big Al: It's quite possible that you have a few years left of puberty as some men don't complete it until their mid-20's. I wouldn't expect too much natural growth at this stage though. You may not need any supplements, but you might want to give penis enlargement exercises a try. Check out the free beginner's course here: http://www.altpenis.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1624#Post1624 for details.

Masturbation and Penile Sensitivity
Q. I am having a problem and need to know what to do about. My wife likes giving me a blowjob and I enjoy getting. The problem is it takes forever for me to cum. It all feels good and she is doing everything right and I get almost there and I feel like I am about to cum and then I don't. This also happens to me when we are having sex. There have been times that we have had sex for over an hour and several times it feels like I am about to cum and then it goes away. I never lose my erection. I enjoying going for long periods of time, sometimes, but then there are those times we just want a quickie. My wife is getting discouraged because she thinks she is not doing something right, but believe me she is. What is my problem, well I know what my problem is, I can't cum but what is causing it and how do I fix it?

Big Al: In cases like this, the culprit is usually masturbation. Many men masturbate at a tempo and with a grip which can't be duplicated by your lover's vagina or mouth. The penis becomes accustomed to this sensation and increases its sensory threshold, which makes it take longer for you to ejaculate.

Here are a few solutions:

  • While your significant other is giving you a BJ, she can use her hand as well as her mouth to bring you to orgasm. Manual stimulation can also be applied to intercourse.
  • When you masturbate, use a very loose grip and try to bring yourself to orgasm quickly. This is a reverse of the stamina exercise known as the "Stop and Start", and it will lower your sensory threshold.
  • Do not ejaculate for several days. That way, when your wife works her magic you'll be more prone to ejaculate.

Hope this helps!

Q. How many minutes should the beginner's routine take?

Big Al: A beginner (0-2 months training) should spend about 5-15* minutes total on "PE" exercises with the warm ups, cool downs, and stamina work making up the rest of your routine. Remember, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to PE- especially when you're doing manual exercises.
* (Some beginners may be able to get away with even less work if the initially recommended reps prove too much for them.)

Q. Just wondering, do you really need to pay for a hanger? does anyone have a homemade one? I was thinking of putting on a sock then maybe extra padding about and inch below the glans and slipknotting a shoelace and hanging with that, good idea? I'm just very much a do it yourself guy (and cheap) and wouldn't love paying for a hanger. Also how long do you hang for? Do you do it for reps?

Big Al: There are instructions, a routine, and a diagram for making a sock hanger here: http://www.peforum.net/forum/showthread.php?t=8532 Hanging can give you very good results if you can adapt to hanging with heavy weights.

Flaccid Jelqing
Q. I read that jelqing in low erection (50%~60%) helps more on length, but how about jelqing in really low erection (almost flaccid)? I am still working on controlling it and it seems like a challenge for me to maintain mid-level erection. It's either too flaccid or too hard. Also, is jelqing while hard dangerous? I've read horror stories that it will make you lose length.

Big Al: Jelqing with a very low erection level turns the movement into a weak stretching exercise. If you feel yourself getting too flaccid, give your penis a light massage or do a couple of kegels to drive some blood to it. If your penis gets too erect, give it a light pinch on the glans and this will help it subside.

Q. Is it possible to get a bigger penis by supplementing with testosterone? Is there a way that I can raise testosterone without taking drugs?

Big Al: Androgen receptors in the penis shut down post-puberty, so the penile growth potential through supplementation decreases significantly after the late teens. If you're deficient in testosterone your penis size can decrease in size, so supplementing with testosterone would enlarge it back to peak-size levels. Some of my older clients have noticed this when supplementing with Androgel (a testosterone gel).

Rest Periods
Q. I just wanted your 2-cents-worth on rest periods between sets on stretching and during jelqing. And do you add your rest time into your overall time during a session?

Big Al: I think it's best to go right into your stretches as soon as your penis goes flaccid after jelqing. I don't train by the clock, but if you are you should note periods of activity and rest separately from the total training time.

Cool Down?
Q. I'm just wondering how many of you guys actually cool down after a PE session? I've heard it has many benefits but just wanted to hear some people's opinions. Just in case people get confused, I mean cooling down not warming down, also cooling down in an extended state.

Big Al: Perhaps the best method would be to do a "warm down" followed by a passive "cool down." Keeping the penis warm after PE/stamina work allows the tunica to remain stretched and keeps the blood flowing, which keeps the penis in a pumped state longer. Immediately "cooling" the penis down after a PE session would deprive you of this benefit.

New to PE
Q. I have been obsessed with enlarging my penis for about 3 years now. I am very self-conscious about my size because a girl I used to date humiliated me at a party. I am 5.4" in length and 4.4" in girth. I have just recently started the beginners routine hoping for some good results. I have tried pills before with no luck. Anyways, for my question, I have read about a lot of people that have gained a inch or two, but is it possible to gain 3 or 4 inches in length, and how long should that realistically take?

Big Al: I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. It's tough not to take such insensitive comments personally. The first inch is usually the easiest to gain. Adding 3 inches or more will not be easy and can take a while (1-2 years or more). That's not meant to discourage you - it's meant to allow you to formulate a plan so that you can achieve your goals. You can still do it if you commit yourself!

Squeeze or Jelq?
Q. Of the two methods which one is more effective at enhancing girth? Some recommend the jelq while others strongly believe that the squeeze is the ultimate solution to girth enlargement.

Big Al: The jelq is best for beginners. The squeeze is more intense, and is more of an advanced movement. The squeeze is also more of a "pure" girth exercise.

Penis size and body fat
Q. I am a newbie but was wondering if you know that if your weight has any factor on how well you gain or rather don't gain, if someone isn't all stick and bones, can they still gain or does it just take longer?

Big Al: Your body fat levels will not affect your rate of gains with PE, but having less body fat will give you a larger non-bone pressed measurement. Your goal should be to maximize your leanness while doing PE so that your penis appears as large as possible.

Q. I know this sounds like an easy question, but do you measure from the side of the penis to the tip or do you measure from the front of the penis, from the base to the tip? I'm asking because there is an inch difference If I measure from the front and if i measure from the side. If I measure from the side, from base to tip, it's 7 inches. If I measure from the front, from base to tip, it's 6 inches! Girth is 4.5 inches, and I would like to add some massive girth to this thing.

Big Al: Length- To measure the length of your penis in the erect state properly, simply take a tape measure and press the end as far back as it will go against your pubic bone on top of your penis (some men prefer to measure from the bottom, but results will be more accurate measuring from the top.)

Run the tape along the curve of your penis all the way to the end of the glans. Record measurement. Measure every 2 weeks.

Within the first few months, you will progress rapidly. As with all forms of exercise, progress will start to taper somewhat after this. To keep progressing you must keep increasing the intensity of the exercises.

For recording purposes, measuring while the penis is erect is the best way of recording progress. Although you will notice a dramatic increase in the size of your penis while it's flaccid, flaccid lengths vary too much to be an accurate method of gauging progress.

Girth - With your penis fully erect, wrap the measuring tape around your penis directly behind the glans. Record your girth progress as you do your length progress.

Q. Should I do jelqing or are there other techniques that can enlarge my penis?

Big Al: The jelq is a very good basic movement. If you're a beginner, then the jelq can form the foundation of your size routine.You should also be doing warm-ups, a stretching movement (for length), stamina work, and cool-downs. Once you have a few weeks of training under your belt, you can give other more effective and advanced movements a try.

Q. I don't have too much time. Do I really need to do the warm-ups and cool-downs?

Big Al: Yes. The warm-ups help to heat the penile tissues making them more malleable. This not only aids in getting you a much more productive workout, but it helps prevent injuries too. The cool down helps you retain more blood in your penis post-workout. This too can help aid in growth.

Q. What is clamping and should I be doing it?

Big Al: Clamping is where you apply a cable clamp or other similar implement to the base of your erect penis to cut off circulation. This mimics the effects of severe priapism and some trainees have noticed exceptional gains with this - especially in girth. The downfalls are that this movement is potentially very dangerous and big gainers have been known to suffer from permanent discoloration. I'm not against this movement, but I suggest that you only try this movement if you're a very advanced trainee and have exhausted all other possible options.

Veins and Arteries
Q. I was sitting stretching today and thought, what happens to all the veins and arteries within the penis? Do they simply stretch and rebuild too?

Big Al: They stretch and grow along with the rest of the penis. The vessels and other structures are designed to expand and contract with erections and flaccidity. As long as you don't abuse your exercises, you don't have to worry about damaging these blood vessels. You will likely cause petechiae (little pinpoint-sized bruises) when you're doing PE. This is a result of superficial capillary damage, but is not serious and is quick to heal.

Nutritional Requirements
Q. With all this regrowth being such a factor in PE, how important is nutrition? I am a keen gym enthusiast and I know that nutrition in bodybuilding is at least as important as all the workouts.

Big Al: If you're looking for maximum penis size, I would suggest adopting a diet and exercise regimen that promotes low body fat levels. Your penis will appear larger (and will measure larger non-bone pressed) if you're lean. If you're thinking about the protein requirement of PE, it's negligible. Just make sure that you have enough protein to meet your needs plus a little more if you're exercising hard.

Ligaments II
Q. How does stretching the ligaments make the penis longer? To my newbie logical mind the only tissue to enlarge the penis would be the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum, as they are the ones inside the penis which fill-up during erection.

Big Al: The ligaments allow more of the "inner penis" to extrude out. Enlargement surgeries sever this ligament to allow this to happen. Those of us that prefer the non-invasive route prefer to stretch this ligament to retain control of the penis- not to mention to avoid the costs and many nasty side effects of surgery.

The Tunica
Q. What is a tunica? And where is it located? What is its role in PE?

Big Al: The penile tunica (tunica albuginea) is a tough fibrous fascia that encases the penis and is the chief limiter of girth (and to some extent, length). There are other fascial structures such as Buck's (Deep) fascia, as well as trabeculae that also provide support to the structures of the penis, but for general purposes, the term "tunica" is used when referring to the fascial structures that you're hoping to expand by doing PE. Think of the tunica as a balloon. Repeated hyperexpansion of the tunica eventually stretches it, which allows the structures inside to expand.

Primate Penii
Q. If we have the largest dicks of all primates then why the hell doesn't everybody have a large dick?

Big Al: Compared to other primates, we do. Penis size has a genetic component. Here's an interesting article on evolutionary psychology that discusses how sperm competition has played a role in the evolution of the human penis. Given the relatively high percentage of paternity fraud, the overall size of the human penis may indeed be increasing.

What kind of tissue?
Q. Are the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum just hollow areas or spongy tissue? I'm guessing spongy tissue. If so, I presume the object of the jelq is to enlarge individual cells within these areas? So is it the case you can only enlarge current cells, or can you build completely new ones?

Big Al: The corpora and corpus does indeed consist of spongy tissue. The idea is to forcibly stretch the cell compartments a bit above what they are accustomed to during an erection. The plasticity of the penis lends itself well to this type of stress, and eventually, larger cell volumes are achieved.

Q. Where exactly are these ligaments I keep hearing about? Are they inside the penis? And do these ligaments go deep into the pelvis area and attach to the pubic bone?

Big Al: The suspensory ligament attaches to the pubis. It's the ligament that's severed during many enlargement surgeries (eg. Bihari procedure).

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