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23 October 2006
Wherefore Art Thou Huge Penis?
by George Atkinson

Week 38

I'm getting bigger. I know this seems a little anticlimactic because I've made this declaration before, but every now and then this statement has the weight of revelation. The increments of increase have been small enough that I have occasion to doubt. Have my measurements been exact enough? Is my progress just the result of wishful thinking? I've wanted a bigger dick ever since it stopped growing (somewhat short of where I wanted it to stop growing). And after years of being told; "what you've got is just fine and hey... come on... there's nothing you can do about it - every penile enhancement scheme is just a sucker's game - accept what you've got," I confess I've approached this whole thing from a skeptical perspective.

But the evidence is there. It's not there as much in my erect measurement because my erections are as variable as the weather. It's kind of like trying to gauge global warming on a year-to-year basis. One year it's hot, next year it's not. Where's the pattern?

Sometimes you're too close to the data to detect trends.

But I seem to have stumbled across an objective incremental measure of my progress. I don't even need a measuring tape. What I do is haul on my dick as far as it will go and strap it into place in the extender. This ensures that the tension is reasonably high and I don't have to adjust the little side screws every time I strap it on (I take it off about every half hour). When I strap it in, I like my dick to be exactly flush with the top of the front plate. The front plate provides protection. If I'm sticking out the end, I feel exposed. The reason I can tell I'm getting bigger is because I've had to lengthen the side screws to ensure that I'm not peaking over the top. This happens every week or so, when I have to give the screws another turn.

We're talking progress here in the order of millimeters, but progress it is. It's like the hour-hand of a clock. I try not to think about it too much. If I do, I get enthusiastic and crank up the tension too much. Then it's too high and my dick slips out and I have to fall back. But when I started wearing this thing again eight weeks ago (after a three month reprieve), the hexagonal screws were right against the base. Now the screws are a full quarter inch above the base. A month ago they were only an eighth of an inch above the base. So, my dick seems to be getting bigger at around one-eighth of an inch per month. Now that's just the stretched dick measurement y'all understand. It's still possible that I'll end up with a dick I can scratch my nose with and still be the same erect length. But I don't think so. Time will tell, and meanwhile, I'll be watching the minute-hand tick by.

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