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19 January 2006
Stretching Claims A Casualty
by George Atkinson

Week 18

Okay, where can I get a dick-sized mortar and board? At long last after many months of frustration and hard work my penis has graduated! When I think of those early days when he was first strapped into the extender he looked so lost and unsure. But look at him now, so tall and manly. I'm so happy I could cry.

Yes, folks, my dick is now comfortably ensconced in a seven inch extender! I added the 1 inch extension piece last week but I'd thought I'd wait until I was sure my dick was up for it before I made the big announcement. Astute readers will remember that earlier, in a fit of optimism, I tried to move up to 7 inches before I was ready. And, in short, I overextended myself. The tension was too high and my dick couldn't take it. It would deform in a really, really weird way and slip out. In fact, I became quite convinced that I was doing permanent damage to my penis. So I retreated, and there I stayed - for months.

Once bitten twice shy, I guess. But in the last few weeks it was becoming obvious that I'd outgrown the six inch extender. The head of my schlong was hanging over the end and there were a couple of times when I zzzzipped up that I felt the hard metal teeth grazing the exposed tip. And let me tell you, short of hearing a bullet whiz by your ear, there's not a lot of situations that will fill you with such a curious blend of dread and exhilaration.

So, I made the move on up and I can safely say now that I ain't looking back. My dick feels as comfortable at 7 inches as it used to feel at 6. I can even sit or bend over and it stays firmly strapped into place. There's the added bonus that I can achieve higher levels of tension than I could with the six inch extender. The tension rarely falls below 1200 grams and is often closer to 1500, which should, if the literature it to be believed, accelerate growth.

Now as an aside, I should note that for those contemplating purchasing the "lite" version of the extender. Seven inches of extender rods are all you get. And for many men this would be just fine. I personally expect that I'll be in 7 inch mode for a while. But for those of us with ambition and the "Gold" version pro-extender (another 2 inches is available to us big boys), 7 inches is just a way station. A point from which we can look back and admire our accomplishments before turning and heading yet higher, until that marvelous moment when once again we can, with unabashed pride, declare: It's Graduation Day!

Week 19

I've just taken a bullet for science, folks. Earned my first purple heart in the fight for truth. That's right, I've sustained my first penis extender injury. Astute readers may recall from my last missive that I'd recently graduated to a longer stretcher. This had the effect of increasing the tension that my penis was subjected to. This is a good thing in as much that the greater the tension, the faster my dick will grow, or at least that's the theory. Before I added the extension rods my dick was coasting along at a comfortable but woefully unambitious tension of 900 grams (the recommended tension is 1200). But since I added the extra inch (seven inches now, baby) my cruising tension is close to the maximum 1500 grams. Even more, if I'm sitting or bent-over in any way. Now, for those of you luddites who have yet to convert to metric, this is equal to about 4 pounds. Which is equivalent to hanging the weight of a brick - or the Oxford Collegiate Dictionary (hardcover) or Lara Flynn Boyle - off my dick for six to ten hours a day. Let it never be said that I don't suffer for science.

Now, this tension naturally puts the penis under stress (that's how this thing works), but the stress is particularly high for the skin immediately under the silicone strap. For one thing the tissue is so compressed that blood and therefore oxygen are unable to get through. After a while, usually an hour or two, the nerves, under pressure and starved for oxygen start screaming bloody murder and you have to remove the thing and give your dick some air. Usually this is enough, skin is tough. By the end of the day I can usually only wear the stretcher for an hour before I have to take it off, but by the morning it's good again.

But even skin has its limits. A couple of days ago, I found that the stretcher hurt as soon as I put it on. Attributing this to over-usage I took the day off. Next morning, same thing. I couldn't detect any soreness to the touch but as soon as I strapped my dick in I had to take it off. Very peculiar. So naturally, in the interests of science, I investigated. I got my trusty magnifying glass (to inspect my penis, NOT to find it, thank you - I've heard that joke) and began an inspection of the underside of the glans. I didn't like what I found. For one thing there were encrustations under the ridge. I had scabs on my dick! Not since the heady days of my misspent youth did I ever consider that a possibility. Now I'm not sure what specifically caused these encrustations but they weren't the problem. The pain was coming from a point source, like a hidden sliver you can feel but can't see. After pinpointing the source of the pain I again pulled out my trusty magnifying glass. And I found it. A tiny tear in the skin. I had actually ripped open my flesh with this thing. Now THAT wasn't in the brochure.

So for the next few days I'm off the rack. But I'll be back. I'm only wounded after all, and the battle for truth and knowledge must go on.

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