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15 September 2005
by George Atkinson

Week 5

Okay, I think I've gone too far. I was so chuffed with my progress with the Pro Extender that I wanted to accelerate the process. For best results, the manufacturers recommend a traction of 1200 grams but even with the traction adjustment fully extended, I was having trouble maintaining 900 grams. I decided that the best way to increase the tension would be to replace the one inch extender rods with the two inch extender rods. It looked impossibly long when I first tried it on but I actually managed to secure my amazing stretching dick into place. Ten minutes later it slipped out. When I was walking my dog, to boot. It rattled about in my pants for a while before I slipped behind a hedge and rescued it. Back home I once again strapped my dick to the rack.

Ten minutes later it slipped out again. I tried it again, synching it real tight. That seemed to do the trick. It hurt, but the tension was 1500 grams. At that rate I'd be hung like John Holmes by Christmas.

Half an hour later it slipped out. How was that possible? I'd tied it so tight that Houdini, if he was a penis, wouldn't have been able to escape. I decided to investigate. I removed my pants (I work at home - I can do this) strapped my dick in and waited to see what would happen. For the first few minutes all was secure. Then, a dimple appeared in the head of my penis. The dimple got deeper and larger until the sides began to fold in. It was like watching one of those time lapse images of flowers closing. In slow motion the glands of my penis completely deformed and slipped out.

Accepting defeat I went back to the 1 inch rods and 900 grams of tension. Who needs a dick like John Holmes anyway? Seven inches would be the best Christmas present I ever had. And at 900 grams that seemed do-able. Ten minutes later it slipped out. Now I was starting to become concerned. When I popped out again it occurred to me that I was creating a weakness in the head of my penis. I resolved to not wear the device for one week and let the injured cells recuperate.

Week 6

I've now gone a full week without wearing the device. I felt surprisingly free. I hadn't noticed what a tyranny this thing is. After a few days I noticed that my flaccid penis was reverting to its old shriveled self. Obviously the "enlargement" of my flaccid penis was something that happened concurrently with the wearing of the device. This wasn't a big deal. I don't normally strut around with my flaccid penis on display. But if anyone out there has to do a Full Monty I recommend wearing the Pro Extender until just prior to show-time.

Another thing I noticed upon wearing the device again is that it hurts... again. It hadn't for that previous few weeks but apparently the resistance I had built up is something that has to be constantly maintained. On the bright side though, my penis is no longer slipping out. Onward!

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