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25 August 2005
A Swinging Dick
by George Atkinson

Week 4

I've now been wearing this contraption for almost four weeks and it's time to take stock. It's still too early to tell if it's making a difference in the size of my erect penis. I've been wearing it at the effective tension for less than two weeks. At last measurement I was an an eighth of an inch bigger. But that falls well within the margin of wishful thinking. But I feel comfortable in saying that it's now more than six inches long, which if you take into account penis sizes in Asia, might even put me on the leeward side of average. But like I said, these are early days. What has changed noticeably is the flaccid length. My penis no longer collapses like a neutron star when not erect.

I'm no longer, in Howard Stern's words "hung like an acorn". Before, when not engorged, my penis would shrink to a shriveled nub. I could have posed for a Renaissance painter. Now I actually have a swinging dick! It's not exactly slapping at my knee but it's there, worthy of respect, if not quite awe.

This could just be that my relentless abuse has led to tissue breakdown and my penis is in a constant in a state of cellular repair. Time will tell.

What is also interesting is that I can stretch it to six and a quarter inches. My stretched penis is longer than my erect penis! I've become Mr. Fantastic the elasto-man! My stretched penis is now a full half inch longer than it used to be. This in itself is not of much value except perhaps as a party trick but one way or another my penis is getting bigger.

To be continued...

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