I recently posted about this subject on another thread...

If that wasn't enough, this past weekend I got with a long time friend.... who just so happens to be my best friend's sister, lol. There is a bit of an age gap - i'm 24, she's 19 - but I've known her for about 10 years (how long I've been friends with her brother).

She had a b/f for 5 years, but apparently the last year was rocky because he started slacking at school, gained a bunch of weight from partying, etc. Suffice it to say that they broke up earlier in the summer, because they didn't want to deal with a long distance relationship after having all these recent troubles.

But this past weekend I went to a concert with her and her brother. We had a few drinks, and within like an hour or two she was literally all over me, it was kind of shocking! She basically confessed that she's liked me for years and despite having a b/f, always wanted to get with me. Mind you, her brother was there as this was happening, so that was a bit awkward, but I think he was okay with it - I talked to him the next day and he realizes I'm not trying to play or hurt his sister.

Now I'm left to wonder where it might be headed. We were kind of interrupted during the night and didn't have a chance to get a bit more intimate. And she's already heading back to school about 5 hours away, didn't even get a chance to see her after the night of the concert.

Clearly I wouldn't try to hold her down, and I want her to have fun and enjoy the college experience. I'm just looking forward to seeing her again, because I think her (any my) desire may be a little stronger considering we were cut off at an inopportune time. She sent me a text the next day saying something along the lines of, "clearly last night opened up a whole new possible scenario for us"...

I guess we shall see how this slowly develops over time.