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#41690 - 10/12/13 07:02 PM Race and size + maybe sexuality
cumbriankid Offline

Registered: 05/12/10
Posts: 851
Loc: U.K
Hi, it's dead in here so I thought I'd get us back on our old favourites! Here is a link to a porn star/producers blog on size in general BUT also the lack of link between race and size! A remarkably frank article/blog! The essence is all and sundry are 5 to 7 inches or there/there abouts and girth is about the same regardless of anything else!

He also makes a good comparison to women's views on breast size!

However what I think is more interesting is the torrent of shitty comments presented by the general public!!! Amazing how negative and full of shit people can be!

Just a thought BUT as far as big cock appreciation goes the only place that focuses on it is Large Penis Support Group! Check out the membership! Very male....primarily gay! Not a complaint BUT there are very few women there! It suggests that big cock is MORE of a male obsession!



Just a thought

#178338 - 08/08/18 11:51 AM Re: Race and size + maybe sexuality [Re: cumbriankid]
gunner1886 Offline

Registered: 02/07/17
Posts: 5
Loc: Brazil
Well, my blood is 100% Japanese and the stereotype says Asians have small tools, which is true in my case. However, I'm the only one among my Asian mates who has a tiny flaccid dick and a small erect one. As for my mates' erect size I'm totally in the dark.


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