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#40454 - 07/13/13 07:45 PM Re: Psychologically Ruined [Re: Bane2]
RC21 Offline

Registered: 07/11/13
Posts: 6
"What size are you RC21?"

Well I intentionally left my size out of my original post because I felt that if you knew what size I am then no one would take my apprehensiveness seriously. Instead of receiving quality advice from helpful individuals everyone would have commented that I was simply here for an ego boost. After conversing and heeding the advice from Jiptu, pinkFlames, and lilmissnaughty I know feel comfortable stating my measurements.

Height- 6'4"
Weight- 170-175lbs

Flacid Length- 4-4.5 inches
Flacid Circumference- 5 inches

Non bone pressed erect length- 7 inches
Bone pressed erect length- 7.5 inches
Mid Shaft Erect Girth- 5.5 inches.

I know my measurements are above average but like previously mentioned I'm a perfectionist and when I look at my body I can't help but feel inferior.

#40456 - 07/13/13 10:02 PM Re: Psychologically Ruined [Re: RC21]
Bane2 Offline

Registered: 05/30/10
Posts: 285
Right, well this seems like something a therapist can help you with. There's nothing wrong with your size.

You've got self-esteem issues and this is more then just a penis size problem.

#40457 - 07/14/13 04:19 AM Re: Psychologically Ruined [Re: RC21]
lilmissnaughty Offline

Registered: 06/21/10
Posts: 821
Loc: scotland
There is no such thing as perfect.
Everyone's different so even if someone were what "YOU" consider, "the perfect ideal" that dosent mean someone else sees them the same way, They may even find them totally unattractive, depending on there own personal preferences.
And you may think that your not perfect, but you may be perfect for the next person you come across.
Am I perfect? AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! No, But I AM perfect for my hubby & vice versa.
TheBigBadWolf jumped out "I'm going to screw your brains out!" Red Riding yelled,"No you're not! You're going to eat me, like it says in the book!"

#40465 - 07/14/13 10:48 AM Re: Psychologically Ruined [Re: RC21]
JipTu Offline
old hand

Registered: 05/14/11
Posts: 693
Loc: Yorks UK
Originally Posted By: RC21
So your overall advice would be for me to try and put myself out there and gain some relationship and sexual experience which would subsequently alleviate some if not all of my anxieties while also helping me to change my ways of thinking?

Exactly that - if you don't put yourself out there you obviously won't get experience.

Don't expect success right away, or every time but learning from our mistakes is all part of life.
Look on any failures as learning experiences and gain from them, not let them put you down.

As I said earlier and as others have also said - there is no such thing as 'perfect', perfect is a mental concept.
Your and other peoples concept of what it constitutes may, can & will change with time and experience.

Never let your search for perfect spoil any relationship you are having by thinking "perhaps there is somebody better". There may be, there may not, you may already have found your Ms Perfect - just let the relationship 'flow' and see where it leads, that's living life.

Although you should know it by now there is certainly nothing wrong with you penis size - not that it matters.

There are two old saying which you may not know but are very true 1) "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". 2) "Nothing ventured, nothing gained".

Good luck.


#40474 - 07/14/13 06:08 PM Re: Psychologically Ruined [Re: RC21]
Firefly Offline
Esteemed Member

Registered: 09/02/08
Posts: 4104
Loc: United States
I came across this man in a book at the library I work at. Hes married to this beautiful woman.


And you are worried about being 1" too small ?! (in your opinion-- your really aren't)

And no- it is not photoshopped. He was born this way and has his own book out. He lives life to the fullest and has never let his situation dictate to him the kind of life he should or should not have.

If you are always striving for what you believe is "perfect"- you will never be happy.

And no-- women do not "settle" on a mans size because they have an emotional connection. Women choose men based on the man as a whole-- and whether you believe it or not, most women do not make their choices based on a mans penis.

I hate to say it-- but your mother and sisters are seriously effed up and I find it hard to believe that they are really like that. But if they are I bet in all reality- it has to do with other issues they have. They just use that as an excuse to bad mouth and down grade. They know that men are sensitive about it.

Of course women have their insecurities too. It can be hard to deal with I know. I've had my share as well. But I never let it stop me from having a great relationship with my husband.

I don't think this is even really just about your penis size. I think its related more to your idea of perfection.... or how you see perfection. I would hate to be the woman who had to live up to your perfectionistic ideas. I would be surprised if you didn't have ideas of the perfect woman as well.

If women just cared about size for sexual pleasure- then the most popular vibrators would be bigger then finger size and the most popular dildos would be monster size. But they aren't.

Edited by Firefly (07/14/13 06:09 PM)
Decide. Commit. Succeed.

#40479 - 07/14/13 11:27 PM Re: Psychologically Ruined [Re: Firefly]
RC21 Offline

Registered: 07/11/13
Posts: 6
"I would hate to be the woman who had to live up to your perfectionistic ideas".

Quite the contrary, I'm actually very accepting of others appearances. Granted I do need to be physically attracted to some part of them whether it be eyes, smile, hair, dimples, body, or something else all together. It's the physical attraction that initially peaks my interest but it's their personality, sense of humor, and intelligence that keep me wanting more.

"I would be surprised if you didn't have ideas of the perfect woman as well".

I don't know anyone who doesn't have a certain list of criteria that needs to be met in order have and sustain a healthy and happy relationship.

#40576 - 07/21/13 09:38 AM Re: Psychologically Ruined [Re: RC21]
OlderMan Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 04/03/10
Posts: 1456
RC21, I am 5 inches shorter than you and your penis is bigger than mine in length and girth both flaccid and erect. You know your problem is psychological and at least in part to your environment during your upbringing with your mother and sisters. You must also know that regardless of your ideals of size for either your body or your penis, there is very little you can do about most of it. Your height is fixed. As you've seen, your penis will grow very little if at all from jelqing, hanging, whatever.

In my opinion, you should focus on changing the things you can change and stop focusing on those you can't. You can change the shape and weight of your body through diet and exercise. You can improve your character and self-actualize your personality through introspection, reading, sacrifice and giving, informal or formal counseling, and life experience. Start a weightlifting and diet regimen to gain weight and shape. Read a book or two about overcoming low self-esteem. Take my word for it - your physical attributes are well above average, so work on improving those things you are able to control.

For your sake, please go find a real woman with whom to have sex. Real experience will show you how amazing you are. There is no confidence booster as effective as the love and adoration of a woman who can't get enough of your mind, your body, your spirit, and your tongue, fingers, and dick. You'll see how wonderfully amazing and accepting women outside your family are. wink
A lusty, turned-on woman in full roar is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

#177732 - 08/27/15 11:16 AM Re: Psychologically Ruined [Re: RC21]
Truth The Truth Offline

Registered: 11/11/08
Posts: 32
There is a way to fight back size queens. Ask them about the romance and the feelings she has for you and not to include sex in her answer. Then you can tell her that you were caught by surprise by the size of her vagina. Tell her that you were afraid to have sex with her because of the size of her vagina. But tell her that she should not feel bad about herself and that you have heard of women that needed to be fisted and with help they were able to enjoy a below average cocks again. Tell her that you care about her and are willing to help her with her problem. Say that the problem is that for many years women never even considered or even brought up vagina size except when the end up afraid to have sex because the guy is too big. Tell her that it is not her fault that she tried to fix her problem by finding endowed guys when she has to turn down all the other guys because of her problem.

Edited by Truth The Truth (08/27/15 11:18 AM)

#179003 - 01/06/19 06:59 PM Re: Psychologically Ruined [Re: RC21]
Snoppen Offline

Registered: 01/06/19
Posts: 13
Loc: Sweden
I think the penile size may be of less importance to a partner,
but it matters to the man. I think it matters like it matters if you are short or balled or have lost your teeth. It stays with me, in the back of my head. Makes me almost handicapped mentaly. Im to humble to be good for me

#179004 - 01/06/19 07:11 PM Re: Psychologically Ruined [Re: RC21]
Snoppen Offline

Registered: 01/06/19
Posts: 13
Loc: Sweden
I was in the male birth education group. We were all expecting to become fathers. A mature and smiling nurse wanted questions, any.. I said, Will my gf:s pussy become larger? B I know about it being very flexible and elastic. So is the neck of this t-shirt, it widens but can it go back? Can it shrink to feel me like it did?
I was not answered, I was ridiculed and my size was questioned.

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