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#3291 - 10/19/08 04:37 AM Isometric Exercise - For a rock hard cock

Here's the definition of Isometrics: "Exercises involving contractions of muscles taking place against resistance but without significant shortening of muscle fibers." What the hell does that mean? When it comes to your muscles and tendons it means flexing without allowing the muscle fibers to shorten, or "contract." The result is an extremely fast way to lengthen tendons by rapidly increasing their flexability. As it applies to your penis, it means that by flexing the tendon-like tissue of the penis without allowing contraction of the tissue, we can elongate this tissue, like a true tendon, creating the opportunity for unlimited growth! The elasticity of the tendon-like erectile tissue is the only factor which limits the amount of potential gain one has. Well, we've blown these limits away with a series of exercises and the first one is right here!

It's funny how the simple things are sometimes the most effective. That's the case right here! This exercise is even easier than Kegels. To perform this exercise, Isometric Plateau Blaster #1, all you have to do is attain a rock solid erection...as hard as you possibly can. Now, take the palm of your dominant hand (your right hand if you're right handed, your left hand if you're a southpaw) and making a slight cup shape with your hand, palm towards the floor, place this cup over your penis head and slowly, and gently, push your penis towards the floor. Go as far as you can comfortably go but not further than parallel to the floor. Now, very slowly, and with great care, begin to flex your PC Muscle by doing a Kegel - just as you learned in Kegel Technique #1. The secret is to not allow your hand to be moved by your penis as your penis fights against your hand to raise back up towards your chin. Once you attain a solid flex of the PC Muscle through your Kegel hold your Kegel flex and your hand in place for 10 seconds then slowly release your Kegel and allow your penis to rise back up by lifting your hand from your penis.

That's it! Super simple and incredibly effective. The one thing that is vital to note here is that there is absolutely no gain in benefit resulting from holding the flex longer than 10 seconds. 10 seconds seems to be the ideal length of time to hold this flex. As far as quantity and timing goes, where to put this in your workout routine...we'll be getting to that when we move into "The Synergyâ„¢." Only two more items remain for your learning before you can move on to your first workout. I hope you're getting excited! I sure am! Please move on to The Testicular Massage.

#3334 - 10/20/08 02:28 AM Re: Isometric Exercise - For a rock hard cock [Re: Anonymous]

Thanx for you tips on gaining the size but can u plz explain wat is a PC muscle?And can u repeat the kegel exercise of flexing the PC muscle plz.

#3349 - 10/20/08 08:41 PM Re: Isometric Exercise - For a rock hard cock [Re: Anonymous]

PRELUDE: I will begin by STRESSING to you the importance of this exercise. This is the single-most important exercise in your entire OnLine Manual! Enlarging the penis is great - but if you don't have a healthy prostate you will never have strong erections, prolonged love-making sessions, explosive ejaculations or a decent volume of semen. AND - you may not live a very long life if you don't create a healthy, strong Prostate Gland. And the only way to rectify all these situations is by doing Kegels - working out the PC Muscle!!!

There are many points that this section of your manual will cover. Here's a brief synopsis of the contents of this page:

What the PC Muscle does
The History of Kegels
Locating your PC Muscle
Why exercise your PC?
PC Muscle exercises
Your Kegel Level #1 Workout!

Let's start out at the beginning. The first thing you are probably asking yourself is, "What does the PC Muscle do?"

What the PC Muscle Does:

Strengthening the PC Muscle will strengthen your Prostate Gland - plain and simple! Your Prostate Gland has the awesome responsibility of thrusting semen out during ejaculation. Your Prostate Gland is also the "last stop" for your blood flow before it enters your penis during arousal. This results in erections! If the Prostate Gland is not performing up to par, you can rest assured you will have weak erections. This is a basic explanation of what the PC Muscle does, but the simple equation is stated this way: Strong PC = Stronger, healthier Prostate = stronger, healthier erections and ejaculations! There is only one way to exercise you PC Muscle and that method is through the Kegel exercise. Take a look - if you suffer from any of the following list, you NEED this exercise:

Premature Ejaculation
Impotence or
Weak Erections
Ejaculations that "fall" out of your penis instead of BLAST OUT!
Low VOLUME of semen in your ejaculations
The History of Kegels - 101:

So, where is the PC Muscle:

Locating your PC Muscle is easier than you realize - in fact, you already know how to utilize your PC Muscle but probably never knew how you did it! I could show you fancy anatomical drawings and diagrams, but the plain fact-of-the-matter is that that will only confuse you. When I say you must locate your PC Muscle, what I am actually saying is you need to target your PC Muscle. The only way to do this is by FEELING it work!

Let's find this life saving, Prostate enhancing muscle! Let's begin with a question: Have you ever made your penis "move" without using your hands?!? You made it move by flexing your PC Muscle. It's the only way you can do it! If you can't make your penis move (you need this exercise more than you know!) then, next time you urinate, stop the flow of urine by flexing your what? PC Muscle! Now that we've found that dude, let's take a look at...

Why you should exercise your PC Muscle:

I'm going to start off this section by blowing you away with a tidbit of information. Ready for this? The biggest cause of a weak PC Muscle and, therefore, an unhealthy, weak Prostate Gland, is the holding of urine in the bladder long after you should have gone to the can! You've seen the movie, "Liar! Liar!," right? Remember the court-room scene where Jim Carry's character needed desperately to re-group himself? Listen to his explanation to the judge of why it was essential for him to go to the men's room right then! It really is the TRUTH!!!

Ok, you've probably noticed by now that I digress often, so let's get back to the topic at hand. I'll sum up the benefits of a mega-developed PC Muscle by using a bulleted list. What a well developed PC Muscle will do for you:

First and foremost, a well developed PC Muscle will strengthen your Prostate Gland giving you a healthier, better developed Prostate Gland - this information alone is worth MANY TIMES your small investment in our manual!
Improved circulation for enhanced size, better health and control
ROCK HARD erections will be yours!
The ability to ejaculate WHEN YOU WANT TO!
Multiple ejaculations without ever losing your erection!
Increased volume and intensity of your ejaculations
Improved urine flow
Better Stamina and
a stouter-looking penis!!!
With so many benefits from this simple exercise, aren't you just dying to get started on your Kegels now?!? GREAT! Read below to learn the proper technique for performing a Kegel. We'll then wrap up this section with a planned workout schedule to maximize your routine...

The PC Muscle Exercise, HOW TO PERFORM A KEGEL:

As I outlined earlier on this page, to TARGET the PC Muscle, try to make your penis move. If you have no luck, try to stop the flow of urine next time you have to go. Once you've "found" your PC Muscle there's a crucial point of learning to get the most out of doing Kegels - PUT YOUR MIND IN THE MUSCLE! What do I mean by that? Simple. Once you feel where the "flex" is coming from, concentrate on that exact point in your body and nowhere else. It's an old body-building adage to put your mind in the muscle. It's old, but it is still taught today - because it works! It's the single-most effective way to target the muscle DIRECTLY and to KEEP IT IN THE CROSS HAIRS! When you feel the flex in the PC you'll then know HOW to perform a Kegel.

Your PC Muscle Workout:

Like any other exercise you'll want to do, you'll need to WARM UP. Start with flexing the PC Muscle s-l-o-w-l-y and releasing s-l-o-w-l-y 25 times. Take a 15 second break and repeat for a total of 3 sets. All this is doing is getting the blood flowing into your PC Muscle to warm it up for the more intense exercises to follow. And remember - getting the blood flowing through the PC Muscle is also getting more blood flowing through the Prostate Gland. Hard to believe something so simple could save your life, huh?

Next, you're going to squeeze down (I NEED to clarify this one...when I say "squeeze" I am referring to a tight contraction - an internal squeeze...not squeezing your penis with your hand!) as hard as you can then release. There's no need to hold the clamp down - just squeeze until you've maxxed out your ability to squeeze, then release. Repeat 30 times, more if you can. The idea here is to work your PC Muscle to "failure." If you're not familiar with what that means it is simply this -squeeze till you can't squeeze no more! Think of doing a set biceps curls. You keep doing reps until you just can't lift the weight up again. That's "failure." Failure of the muscle to complete the task asked of it. From this initial workout, you should be able to increase the number of reps easily with each successive workout - always going to failure. Always try to do the maximum possible number of reps, but never dip below the 300 mark once you've obtained it. 300 a day will keep the scalpel away!

#6850 - 02/17/09 10:35 PM Re: Isometric Exercise - For a rock hard cock [Re: Anonymous]

Is it really work? send video presentation so i know how to do this exercise

#16537 - 11/20/09 05:17 PM Workout Routines [Re: Anonymous]
shanewa01 Offline

Registered: 11/20/09
Posts: 1

this is one of the most knowlege able article i have ever read we can get a lot of knowledge about the product and accordingly we can take decission
Workout Routines

#16540 - 11/21/09 01:00 AM Re: Workout Routines [Re: shanewa01]
beetleboy Offline

Registered: 05/18/09
Posts: 167
Good info. Obtaining a strong PC muscle is the first step to a man becoming multi orgasmic. As you've said, a strong pc allows harder erections and better ejaculatory control. Keep the info coming.

#16563 - 11/22/09 04:11 PM Re: Workout Routines [Re: beetleboy]
Big Al Offline

Registered: 07/16/08
Posts: 293
There's a video link for the "Towel Raise" exercise (which is essentially a weighted Kegel) here: http://www.altpenis.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=12915


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