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#34348 - 09/09/11 06:53 PM Re: a friend with micro-dick [Re: Remington]
tiddler28 Offline

Registered: 04/24/09
Posts: 12
Remington, what makes you think a small dick is a problem with satisfying a women? I have seen numerous sites saying that size doesnt matter. My wife is completly satisfied by my 4" penis and certainly wouldnt want any more.
It;s what you do with it that counts !

#36945 - 06/25/12 10:35 AM Re: a friend with micro-dick [Re: Remington]
Remington Offline

Registered: 06/11/11
Posts: 15
Loc: ile de france
Hi tiddler28, it's not me that judges his small dick, it's the girls he has slept with.

Furthermore, his is most likely smaller and thinner than yours. Remember, a micropenis is 2-3 inches long at the most.

I have an update on this situation that will probably interest people reading this.

I no longer see this friend. I didn't want to spend time around him anymore. I'm convinced that had he had a regular girlfriend, he would have become more friendly and less negative.

As it happened, he's now an immature, bitchy individual who attracts similar types.

But that's not important. What matters is that this is clearly due to the fact that he chooses not to "accept" he has a lack.

He's not humble enough to accept that he has to compensate for his small member.

We all have our faults: someone may lack a decent career path, someone else may have a speech impediment, someone else may be bald...but all of these, including a small penis size, can be compensated for.

So as somebody already said, this guy is indeed far too thick-skinned and arrogant.

And this is the real reason he is incapable of forming at relationship, and always has been, at nearly 40 years old.

So for any man out there with a small or even micropenis, I would say judging from this situation that there are definitely ways to make up for it. You just have to recognise that you'll need to do so and be humble and positive about it.

Just accept and compensate for your defects, and above all don't be like this guy :-)

PS. I bet you're all glad a guy like this doesn't have a big one

Edited by Remington (06/25/12 10:47 AM)

#37141 - 09/07/12 05:41 PM Re: a friend with micro-dick [Re: Remington]
tiddler28 Offline

Registered: 04/24/09
Posts: 12
Strangely my wife agrees with your comments, however...
What do you mean be humble about our shortcomings?
Why should we have to compensate?
Size is irrelevant, reading your post it reads as if it is important, as i said earlier a small penis will give as much pleasure as a large one so what is there to compensate for?


#174547 - 04/18/14 03:27 PM Re: a friend with micro-dick [Re: Firefly]
RaceCarrington Offline

Registered: 04/18/14
Posts: 11
Loc: Canada
I think if women talk about a big penis or small penis it's all gossip,and the talk about a small penis is negative and the talk about a big penis as positive. This is just what I've noticed.

#177738 - 08/27/15 02:23 PM Re: a friend with micro-dick [Re: Remington]
Truth The Truth Offline

Registered: 11/11/08
Posts: 32
I almost have a micro. The best advice you can give him is that if he concentrates on his foreplay, he can do very good. I did. You can change his life if he gets a "Black Belt"
My wife noticed the results right away. He has to watch videos of lesbians, read men's articles that explain to you things that you would never know. Did you ever know why girls like to kiss a lot before sex? Because there are a ton of stimulating nerves on the top lip only that get them aroused. There are other places with high concentrations of nerves. The inner thighs are incredibly important.
But two thing happen that combine to help both partners out. The girl starts thinking that the guy keeps touching the right spots. Then she starts thinking that this guy knows what he is doing and its good, Thats a game changer,
Meanwhile your micro friend get's new self-confidence because ,like a surgeon, he knows the girls anatomy and how to touch it.I use to be a moderator here. I just found my old user name. It was Penis B Little. I posted tones of stuff for guys like me.
Finally talk walks, My ex was a model divorced in 1987. Married my wife 1989 and she has been called a 10 by guys. Today she is 52 and she still looks good. Communications love and understanding made our marriage work. In bed my work, her flexibility kept us happy, She was allowed to use a toy if needed. But now that I am 59 with certain illnesses , if the marriage was built on sex as the main foundation, she could leave me in a minute. But she takes care of my MS like disease in my legs. And if I start feeling a bit insecure,normal for a guy in my position, I simply track her cellphone on Google.Which I rarely do because she is always where she is supposed to be.
Please encourage your friend with all I have learned,

#177770 - 10/10/15 08:56 PM Re: a friend with micro-dick [Re: Remington]
OlderMan Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 04/03/10
Posts: 1456
Don't track her. That's creepy. Trust her instead.
A lusty, turned-on woman in full roar is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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