There is an issue that I would like to address pertaining to personal photos.

Please do not alter, move, or in any way tamper with a personal photo posted by another member.

It can be a difficult thing to get up the nerve to post a personal photo of any kind of oneself, so please be sure to always respect another members photo.

As most of you know, Altpenis and Aphrodite are sites that are closely affiliated. As a result, there are members who frequent both sites. I ask that the same respect I ask for here, be extended to Aphrodite as well.

It would be best to not alter or move a photo from one site to the other, without the express permission of that member. This is disrespecful and will not be tolerated.

I realize that once a photo is posted-- it does, in effect, technically become public property. However, I still ask that each member extend the courtesy to others, that they would expect themselves.

Thank you for your attention to this matter! smile

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