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#19098 - 03/15/10 12:37 PM Nude issues Questionaire
Bigboy Offline

Registered: 03/15/10
Posts: 6
Feel obliged to answer at least one question and base your response around it? I'm just curious.I also took the liberty to short answer them.

1.Have you ever slept in your bed nude as a young teen?
I did a lot in my dad's house.He never knew.

2.Have you ever streaked around any house with people there at night?I have and I'm a very light walker/sneaker.

3. Have you ever got caught? If so what was that person's response to your nudity? No i haven't ever been caught.

That is all it can think of at the moment. Feel free to ask more questions.

#19102 - 03/15/10 02:35 PM Re: Nude issues Questionaire [Re: Bigboy]
myrealname Offline
old hand

Registered: 04/21/08
Posts: 417
Loc: Indiana
I sleep nude all the time and did as a young teen. I lived in a hot, humid climate in an upstairs bedroom (had been an attic) with no ac, and would usually just lie nude on the bed in the summer with no sheets over me and wake up in a puddle of sweat.

I'm not sure what you mean about streaking around a house with people there at night. If you mean running naked around the outside of the house for a lark, the answer is no. I have slept in someone else's house nude and gotten up at night to pee and walked to the bathroom naked. Occasionally, I have had an accidental encounter in the hallway, or had someone open the bathroom door while I was there.

For several years, I rented a room in a house owned by a classmate. A couple of times, I suprised his girlfriend either late at night walking down the hall to the john in my birthday suit, or coming out of the shower to find that he and she had come in the house while I was bathing. She would just smile and say "sorry". I was secretly crazy about her, however. Years later, after my classmate/landlord broke off with her, she and I briefly became lovers.

#19106 - 03/15/10 06:43 PM Re: Nude issues Questionaire [Re: Bigboy]
DAI Offline
old hand

Registered: 06/23/09
Posts: 485
Well,yes i have slept naked for many years.and yes i also walk around my house naked,as i live in a rural area,i have been known to walk around my garden nude,as to being seen naked,also yes. as i enjoy being naked,i met my g/f on a nudist beach, i find it very liberating,one time my g/f and my young cousin went shopping,when they returned i was in the bath, my g/f called out to see were i was,on finding were i was came into the bathroom with my cousin plus a camera and snapped away, did i mind, no, and as we are born naked,i just like to be naked when possible.

#19110 - 03/16/10 12:00 AM Re: Nude issues Questionaire [Re: DAI]
Nat Offline

Registered: 02/02/10
Posts: 224
Loc: The East
I sleep naked, and don't usually shut the door when I change unless there is non-family around. My children are used to my being naked. If I do wake up in the wee hours and I need some fresh air, I might just go out to the garden in my natural state.

#19142 - 03/16/10 03:11 PM Re: Nude issues Questionaire [Re: Nat]
Firefly Offline
Esteemed Member

Registered: 09/02/08
Posts: 4100
Loc: United States
I've slept nude since I was a teen. Its just more comfortable to me. I don't like clothes bunching up around me. The only time I wear anything-- if I'm staying at someone elses home, and if its really cold. Though when its cold, I shed my clothes during the night as I get too warm.

I don't streak around outside-- good way to get arrested-- but I'm not averse to being in my home nude. Though its usually really brief. I won't lounge on the couch nude-- and I won't let my husband either. I nipped that in the bud when we first got married. We don't need any butt germs on our furniture! lol!

I have gone skinny dipping before-- at night with a full moon. Beautiful! Something about the feeling of the water on your skin with nothing in between it..... love it.

I was caught once by a roommate. My cat was an indoor cat, and he got out once. I couldn't find him and had gone to bed. I heard him hollering at the door-- so I snuck to the door which was by my bedroom, stepped into the porch and let him in! Then I heard my roommate scream "What are you doing?!" She laughed. But it surprised her!
Decide. Commit. Succeed.

#19144 - 03/16/10 04:21 PM Re: Nude issues Questionaire [Re: Bigboy]
JDANG Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 09/27/09
Posts: 1860
I only sleep nude. I can't stand having anything on me - especially if I'm under covers anyway. As for whether I slept in the nude as a teen? Yes. But I DO recall feeling that I was doing something awfully naughty. blush

I have never "streaked" around the house with people present at night. But I have snuck around naked before. Today, I walk around naked at home all the time.

No. Never caught. But, when I was a little boy, I apparently ran outside naked. LOL! I don't remember it at all. laugh

#19170 - 03/18/10 09:47 AM Re: Nude issues Questionaire [Re: JDANG]
dougie Offline

Registered: 01/19/10
Posts: 109
Loc: south africa
i only sleep in the nude, as does my wife... mostly coz we have midnite or early morning sesions now and again, i sleep at home in the nude but with boxers if away.
I have been sleeping in the nude since 13.
I love skinny dipping, have even surfed a few times naked.
Once me a g/f played tennis nude...on a farm no one else around.
never streaked sober, did once for a dare when i was at college and very drunk.
express yourself !!!

#19179 - 03/18/10 06:30 PM Re: Nude issues Questionaire [Re: dougie]
Augustus Offline

Registered: 10/20/09
Posts: 19
Loc: Us
I sleep nude all the time. I don't like to wear clothes even a shirt while I sleep. I have never been caught in the nude, but I know my mom knows I sleep in the nude, because she finds my underwear by the side of the bed or sometime on the floor in the morning. I sometime walk to the bathroom naked at night. I do enjoy walking naked in the house. Here is a place you can try for a day without clothes. It's called Spa World. You will go into the pool, sauna steam room in the nude.

#19180 - 03/18/10 10:09 PM Re: Nude issues Questionaire [Re: Augustus]
pinkFlames Offline

Registered: 06/17/09
Posts: 691
Loc: Australia
I don't sleep nude, and when I've tried to, I've ended up getting up in the middle of the night to put my nightie on. I never tried to sleep nude in my teens because I never felt the need to.

I wander around my own home naked. I only recently stopped letting my daughter see me nude because I started shaving down below and didn't want to have to answer any questions. She still sees me topless or in my underwear. I sometimes do light chores in the nude and sit at my computer naked. I sit on a towel for comfort. Occasionally I will go out into my backyard naked or in my underwear, usually under the cover of darkness.

There was an occasion in my twenties when my boyfriend's sister was staying over. I was just about to get into the shower when the phone rang. I ran out of the bathroom then remembered I had a visitor, so I retreated back behind a corner before deciding to go for it and dashing into my bedroom to answer the phone in there. My visitor said that from her angle it looked like I was doing some kind of nude dance.

#19187 - 03/19/10 04:26 AM Re: Nude issues Questionaire [Re: pinkFlames]
starbuck Offline

Registered: 02/23/09
Posts: 54
Loc: South East USA
I have slept nude on and off since I was a teen. I too have trouble sleeping with clothes on. I certainly cannot sleep with a shirt on, I never wear a shirt to bed no matter where I am at. I used to live with a buddy of mine after college we were best buds and have known each other since high School and he and I both have seen each other at times with no clothes on coming from the bathroom after a shower or just changing with doors open. Anytime anyone has ever seen me nude which I am sure has been a lot thru out my life here and there it never really bothered me. i have always been comfortable naked around anyone, except my mom, but even my dad has seen me naked as an adult when we had worked out together a few times changing in the locker room, and even when I had went to his house and hung by the pool I have swim and layed out nude he had seen me for sure coming and going, but I would never while my mom was home, only if by my self or girl friend or just guys around.

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