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#178176 - 06/27/17 01:15 AM My Story and Question...
JustinJay Offline

Registered: 06/08/17
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Ok sort of a long story but I first want to say hello to all of you and thank everyone that has given me a warm welcome. I am a 36 year old white male from the US. I am about six feet tall. When I was 21 I met this girl and we were together for 8 years then due to unrelated reasons I broke it off with her. In that time straight up for 8 years I was faithful and I believe she was too. We would have sex a few times a week I had no problem and encouraged toys. In our 4th year I ended up getting a free cyberskin sleeve extender that added a couple inches and a little girth. Before this it was vibrators and the like. For some reason I forget now I rented us a really nice motel somewhere. We were curious so we tried the cyberskin extender. Now as much as I **** to say it, I could get her to orgasm all the time orally or with a vibe helping during sex, but with juste inside she I think had an orgasm maybe 4 times up to that point. But I read it is normal and just figured it is what it is and I didn't want to be like a lot of guys and pressure her. Well, not to that moment, I got her wet, I laid back and put the extender on lubed it up a tad and like normal if she was on top guided it into her. Amazingly I could still feel her heat thru the sleeve. Ok so she is slowly lowering herself on me and the toy and I hear her moan out and say oh my God hy shit. She started riding it. About 5 minutes not long enough for me to cum I saw her juices leaking out then her pussy was spasming on my cock which by the way felt amazing! She said holy fuck I just came and hard. I slid out. She said it's because it made her feel full. So, not being like some guys I was like ok she needs a bit more. A few months go by and I get her this cyberskin pink toy only maybe a half inch longer but way thicker. She said it would hurt unless she was in the mood and worked up to it. The first time we tried it, I started off with just me inside her then switched to doing her with the larger toy gently while she layed on her back. She started moaning and bucking and came then I started to stop and she said no that she was about to orgasm again. I was actually happy for her and thought it was great. After she had multiple orgasm I went back inside her and came inside her. She was souch hotter not nessasarily wetter but hotter inside. So, at that point I'm like om I love her she loves me she just needs a little more. We talked and I said just be honest is it me or what. She didn't really answer but did say that only one guy the guy before me was larger and length wasn't so much that was great it was his girth and said yes he was larger and it made her feel fuller and a lot easier to orgasm but that I had nothing to worry about. Ok so four more years go by at we are at 8 years and we have a split. During the time she met a guy and turns out they had sex a few times. Now please don't think I blame her for having sex with someone else. It was her freedom as I broke it off with her and she was free to do whatever. Now two months later her and I talk, it turns out he was just rebound and also married! We meet up and I'm so happy to see her. She tells me yes they did have sex so upfront if I needed to I could back out of getting back with her. She tells me she didn't want to and she just gave in and it was protected. Later that night she confesses it was maybe three times and never protected but he didn't cum inside her he would pull out. Ok I love her I'm human and not perfect either let's move on. That very night we have sex. I will say she had a gorgeous pussy. But I knew her pussy. For 8 almost 9 years it's all I knew. She sucking me and I notice her pussy dripping but her lips were larger which on her would happen after her and I would have a small marathon session. She knows I know this and admits she had sex with the other guy three days ago. But I fucked the hell out of her came in her and honestly she didn't feel loose or any crap people would think just the lips. So I get us a new start. I go the very next day and get us a start over apartment. A week later she tells me that God revealed to her that she and him had sex 6 times. I asked her if she didn't want to why did she. She also told me the first time he seduced her and she got wet and that he was hard but she hadn't seen him down there he just lifted her skirt pulled her panties aside and put himself inside her. She said it pissed her off emotionally but once she felt the sensation of a couple thrusts she actually got on top and rode him from what she says was her body taking over. She said the second time he forced his way on her. From the details of others that were around I believe her. The third time she said she just said fuck it she already gave in. This time she saw his stuff because she admitted she sucked him hard then this time she asked him to fuck her doggy style. She told me she never orgasmed with him but that this third time she came close. More on that in a second. So boring details they had sex a couple more times a quickie on a boat and the last time in his car. She said she sucked him twice but that he never came in her mouth or on her. I believe that as later I verified all she told me with him. Now fast forward about a year and she tells me because I asked what it was like to be with someone new after all that time. She said emotionally she was detached but physically it was pleasurable as sex was made to me. She said his Rythm and fullness would have made her orgasm everytime very easily if she was also too emotionally there with him. I asked why he made her feel fuller and what it was like. Ouch. She said if u really wanna know ok. He was a lot thicker and I first noticed it when she gave him head he stretched her mouth open more. She said the first time she would have stopped it but physically she had a fullness that hit all of her pleasure spots and she gave in. She admitted she moaned but didn't orgasm but that if she was emotionally connected to him like her and I were then yes it would be very possible it would be much easier to orgasm with him because of his size. She also told me that the guy before me was much thicker and that yes she came not every time but close. Now, keep in mind I would pump at her try different positions and last well over 20-30 mins and she came on my manhood 4 times in 8 years. She also told me I wasn't one of the shortest but I was one of the two thinnest she had been without of the 9 guys she had sex with and although se were thicker the best pleasure was the guy before me and during the separation. So, a year later now due to other reasons we aren't together but it hurts to know all that time I hardly got her off and she was quite capable, just if I had a larger penis. Not only that but she never had reacted to me like where her body took over. Now I had gotten her there with toys remember but then the separation she had that experience which still, I don't blame her for really but she waited a year after we were together to basically say yes honey I am sorry but he gave me more pleasure and you don't. Cup of coffee dear? See I could handle hearing Hey hun yeah its true you're a little short or thin or whatever for my preference. Ok cool. Now I don't feel like a fool but to hide it from me for a year? So I have never been with a guy or have seen another man up close.
Been with 6 women total no complaints but her. So I'm here to at least accept myself whatever the truth may be and just be happy with it either way but to know the truth. I posted some self pictures at: http://myratepics.weebly.com

If you have made it this far reading, any input would be nice. Thanks!

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#178183 - 06/30/17 08:29 PM Re: My Story and Question... [Re: JustinJay]
JustinJay Offline

Registered: 06/08/17
Posts: 9

#178184 - 07/02/17 08:26 AM Re: My Story and Question... [Re: JustinJay]
JimInPhila Online   content


Registered: 01/19/09
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Loc: Phila. PA
JustinJay, As I told you in my PM to you, it's way too long and confusing in my opinion. I suggested that you shorten it and focus on what your point really is. I waited about a week for your response and when I didn't receive anything new from you, I posted your presentation figuring that it is your story and you can tell it your way.
It is also the memberships' choice to read it, respond or not. Just saying.
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