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#178108 - 03/26/17 11:09 AM First time to Masturbate
@$$@ Offline

Registered: 03/26/17
Posts: 2
[/color]How did you learn to masturbate?
WHO told you? Or did it just come naturally? Or something else?

#178112 - 03/28/17 01:37 AM Re: First time to Masturbate [Re: @$$@]
ThePenIsMighty Offline

Registered: 06/12/14
Posts: 125
Loc: Canada
Hm, pretty sure I mostly figured it out on my own, just fiddling around heh.

#178158 - 05/30/17 08:52 PM Re: First time to Masturbate [Re: @$$@]
alfan Offline

Registered: 01/17/17
Posts: 35
There I was, 13, straddling the bathtub buttnaked. I had been playing with myself for years (and why not), but had never ejaculated. This time though something felt very different. Then there was no doubt. It built & then splat into the tub.

Wow, that was great! So that's what it's all about. After cleaning up & flushing my first squirt, I began playing again, & sure enough I got hard & it started feeling pretty good. But damn, it wasn't quite enough. But I kept at it & kept at it. Sure enough, eventually there it was again. Splat a little, but the same great feeling. So I was blissful. This is going to be fun.

But the next morning I went to pee & holy shit, my penis was all puffy swollen. Seriously puffed up. I knew I was doomed. I could picture telling my parents, going to the doctor & confessing what I had been up to. I begged God to give me another chance, to save me from what seemed inevitable. I swore I'd never even think of doing it again. Truly. But then when I got up the next morning, holy shit! I was cured. Oh, thank you God! I'll never ever do it again.

Hohoho! That was a good one. It was amazing how quickly I adapted & decided it was just simple science or anatomy or something like that which had saved me. I've been thanking science & anatomy every since.

#178190 - 07/10/17 01:41 PM Re: First time to Masturbate [Re: @$$@]
rj561 Offline

Registered: 10/29/16
Posts: 1
Loc: South Florida
The first time I ever jacked off was when I was 13 years old. I when to a friends house, who was always a little strange and his grandmother told me he was upstairs. I called his name and he had me come into the bathroom where he was in the bathtub filled with water. I told him I would wait in his room and he said "no", why don't you get undressed and get in the tub with me. I said no and he lifted his body up out of the water exposing a rock hard cock he was pulling on. He begged me several times to get in the tub, but I told him I would come back later.

I hustled home and went upstairs to my room. No one was home, so I stripped down and kneeled down next to my window so I could hear anyone coming in the house. I was on my knees and I started playing with myself, which made my dick instantly hard. I had no idea what to expect, but when I started cumming, I shot a huge load on the carpet and almost passed out! Needless to say, I found a new hobby to take up any spare time I could get to jack off.

#179015 - 01/19/19 06:25 PM Re: First time to Masturbate [Re: @$$@]
Snoppen Offline

Registered: 01/06/19
Posts: 13
Loc: Sweden
I think I started at age 5 or so. I didn't know the goal, but it felt good. I used to meet my cousin at our grans home on vacations. She lived in the countryside, giving us a lot of freedom.. Curious, but without girls, we had sex with each other. This continued several years. Until I had my first ejaculation. I was alone 12 years old. So happy I was becoming a man.


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