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#177889 - 03/08/16 05:09 PM why do Thai men seem to always stay hard? DIET?
traderdon Offline

Registered: 03/08/16
Posts: 1
I have a childhood friend who is gay

he has told me over and over that Thai men
in gay videos seems to be hard often

even after they cum

i wonder if this is true

if it is, i highly doubt it would be a trait of thai men

could it be because Thailand uses little MSG and lots of raw fish oil and raw oyster sauce?

very curious

#177914 - 04/01/16 03:41 PM Re: why do Thai men seem to always stay hard? DIET? [Re: traderdon]
DAI Offline
old hand

Registered: 06/23/09
Posts: 485
Don't believe anything you might see on porn sites, most is science fiction, if what you've seen has happened,it's most likely more to do with a little blue pill than anything else.


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