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#177735 - 08/27/15 12:24 PM I would actually do this. Crazy as it sounds.
Truth The Truth Offline

Registered: 11/11/08
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I look exactly like this

Times have changed and I never saw culture and dating put so much importance on size. But as crazy as it sounds, I would do this.I would have a talk with my date about my size. I would tell her that although I suffered certain losses in muscle function, I am now forced from my wounds to take high doses of testosterone injections. And I would explain to her that because of this my manly parts have shrunken to almost nothing. Although I knew the risks of war, I took them and I payed. The only thing I ask is that you be willing to try different things to try to make a good sex life.
I am married 26 years to the same women. I am 59. A disease similar to MS has caused my small 4.25" penis to shrink even smaller. God gave me a good personality and I have no trouble at all getting a girl anytime I want. I just start talking and the girl starts laughing and has a good time. But if my wife of 52 goes before me, I would have no alternative but to use "I really do inject testosterone" a medical reason to justify my size. But remember that I am close to micro penis size now. I don't recommend this to the normal penis. Perhaps below average like 4" erection .

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#177771 - 10/10/15 08:59 PM Re: I would actually do this. Crazy as it sounds. [Re: Truth The Truth]
OlderMan Offline
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Good for you for your service and your positive attitude. Sacrifices made by vets are often unknown to others. Stay strong. Life, especially later, is about more than sex.
A lusty, turned-on woman in full roar is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


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