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#1624 - 07/28/08 02:22 PM Free Penis Enlargement Routine For Beginners!
Big Al Offline

Registered: 07/16/08
Posts: 293

To get some of you new guys on the right track, here's the original "Old Style" PE beginner's routine:

About Enlargement

The inside of the penis is composed of spongy tissues that normally expand with blood during arousal. These tissues can, with exercise and other methods, be forced to grow and expand above normal!
There are actually many ways to enlarge the penis. Of course, the quickest and most expensive way is with surgery. This may be an option for you, but remember, accidents do happen.

Some men have been irreversibly damaged by going under the knife in the hopes of gaining a couple of inches on their member.

If after reading this report you still feel that surgery is the only option for you, then please, seek out a reputable surgeon for the procedure. One important thing that you may want to know is if you're obese, you're probably hiding a good amount of your penile length under a layer of pre-pubic fat. By losing just 20 pounds of fat, you may increase the visible length of your penis by up to an inch.

You can realistically expect a 1 to 2” (possibly more) of a length increase, and around 1/2” in circumference within several weeks.

The best part about these exercises is that they also serve to strengthen the penis, giving you more control over its function.


How to increase intensity/volume: Beyond the outline for the FMO I basic routine, you should approach your cycle goals with a "Two steps forward, one step back" methodology. Here's how you would do this- let's say that your rep goals [the use of "reps" is arbitrary- this method can and should be used for intensity and volume goals as well] for this cycle of training is 60 reps for the squeeze and that you operate on a *6 week cycle (5 weeks on, 1 week off). An outline of how to get to your goal would look like this:

Week 1 goal: 40 reps

Week 2 goal: 45 reps

Week 3 goal: 50 reps

Week 4 goal: 55 reps

Week 5 goal: 60 reps

Week 6: Layoff

After week 6 you'd start over but your new goal for the end of the cycle would be 70 reps:

Week 7 goal: 50 reps

Week 8 goal: 55 reps

Week 9 goal: 60 reps

Week 10 goal: 65 reps

Week 11 goal: 70 reps

Week 12: Layoff

In essence, you go back to the rep scheme in the very middle of the first cycle in order to come up with the rep scheme for the beginning of your next cycle. This method allows you to resume training at a slightly reduced intensity after your layoff, and it sets up momentum for your next goal. It also takes advantage of your natural healing cycles.

*The average individual cycle is usually between 5-7 weeks including layoffs. This will be something that you need to figure out for yourself over time, and your log book will show you when you should take your layoff. You'll know that you're ready for a layoff when your gains and enthusiasm for training start to taper off.

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#1625 - 07/28/08 02:25 PM Getting Started [Re: Big Al]
Big Al Offline

Registered: 07/16/08
Posts: 293
Getting Started

Before starting on this or any other physical regimen, we recommend consulting with your physician.

We recommend that you follow this basic routine for at least 4-6 weeks straight. After every 4-6 weeks of training, you should take 1 week off. This layoff period is essential to your penile health- it will allow for full recuperation of your penis and its supporting structures. It'll also keep your motivation levels up. Your goal should be to eventually complete the recommended number of repetitions listed for each exercise, but you should start with moderate tension and volume to ensure that you don't injure yourself.

This routine should be done with the exercises in the following order: warm up, the jelq, the Oriental Massage, stamina work, and your cool down.

NOTE- The progression sequence below is staggered to account for individual recuperative abilities and schedules. Always pay close attention to how your penis feels, and make sure to check your penis after each workout for signs of possible injury. If you feel any pain at all during your workout or if your penis feels weak for more than 1 hour after your training session, STOP TRAINING IMMEDIATELY and refer to the Dealing with Injuries/Soreness section (below)! The key to making gains without injuring yourself is to force progress each session slowly and sensibly.

During weeks 1-2, you will workout 3 days per week
During weeks 2-4, you will workout 4 days per week
During weeks 3-6, you will workout 5 days per week, and you should try to do each routine twice a day towards your last 1-2 weeks before your layoff.

Warm Ups and Cool Downs

Massage your penis to semi-erection and proceed to wrap it in a towel soaked in very warm water. You may also sit in a hot tub to achieve this effect.

What you're doing is preparing the area for the workout to follow (similar to "warming up" for a weightlifting session). Hot wrap or soak for about 10 to 15 minutes.
One ingenious invention that was posted to one of the forums is the creation of the "rice sock" for warm ups.

Take a clean sweat sock, and fill it more than half way with uncooked rice. Place it in a microwave under enough time and power so that the rice gets to the desired temperature.

WARNING- The time and power is something that you're going to have to experiment with depending on several factors (the size of the sock, the power of the microwave, etc.)

You do NOT want to overheat the rice sock! You can cause SERIOUS burns if you miscalculate on the power and the time!

Once the rice sock is heated to the desired temperature, insert your semi-erect penis into the sock. The heated rice inside the sock will warm your penis up in much the same way as a hot wrap.

Proper warming up/cooling down is a MUST before intense, advanced workouts. Some members cut corners a bit on their warm ups/cool downs because they are pressed for time. We advise MAKING time for the warm up and cool down to prevent injuries and to maximize gains. It's actually very relaxing- some members don't even consider it part of the workout.

The Basic Jelq

How To Jelq Video #1

How To Jelq Video #2

How To Jelq Video #3

This is one of the best and most effective basic methods of enlarging your penis naturally. This technique can be used by just about anyone, regardless of whether you're young or old, for dramatic, solid gains in penis size in a relatively short amount of time.
Do these exercises once a day, three to five times a week. Here's how:

1) Apply a generous amount of lubrication (KY Jelly, Nivea cream, Vaseline or any suitable lubricant.)

2) Standing or seated, using one hand, pull your penis pointing down gently but firmly. With the other hand, using your thumb and forefinger, proceed to "milk," that is, squeeze the blood from the base of your penis to your penis head in a milking motion.

Each stroke should take anywhere between 2 to 3 seconds to complete.

*Note- The best way to perform this and all of the other enlargement exercises in this manual are with your penis in a semi-erect state. The reason for this is blood flow.

If your penis is not erect at all, there will not be enough blood in there to effectively perform these exercises. If your penis is fully erect, it will make it too hard to manipulate.

3) Do 100 repetitions. As your penis swells, apply more force. Take it easy the first couple of weeks, then after a month you can start applying more force.

4) End your “Jelqing” sessions by jiggling your penis up and down about 50 times (while your doing this, protect your testes by covering them with your other hand!)

* Note- After a couple of weeks on these enlargement programs, the skin behind the head of your penis may start to look puffy. This is a perfectly normal part of the enlarging process. You may have to start using your other hand to help you in the milking part of the exercise.

As you milk down with one hand, place your other hand firmly on the base of your penis, with your penis between your forefinger and middle finger with enough tension to pull the stretched skin back.

You need to be able to fully milk the entire length of your penis without the skin blocking your movement.

You may notice a "baseball bat" appearance after the first few weeks of jelqing. To work on thickening the base, you can do your jelqs with a reverse stroke. Make sure to use lots of lubricant.

The Oriental Massage

How to perform the Oriental Massage video Part 1

How to perform the Oriental Massage video Part 2

How to perform the Oriental Massage video Part 3

How to perform the Oriental Massage video Part 4

Here's another very good enlargement exercise to try:

1) Inhale deeply and "swallow" your breath. Mentally visualize pushing the breathed-in “energy” into your penis. Using your index, middle and ring fingers, push up on the area just behind your testes and just in front of your anus (the ‘taint) to “hold in” your stored energy.

Keep this pressure constant for all of the pulling you are about to do.

2) Grasp your penis just behind the head, and with a steady pull that should only be mildly uncomfortable (NOT PAINFUL!) Pull it straight out nine times, Then to the left nine times, then to the right nine times and then down nine times.

3) Get your penis semi-erect. Then make a circle around the base of your penis using your forefinger and thumb (like if you where making an “OK” sign.) Then milk towards the glans nine times.

4) After the last procedure, your penis should be fully erect or close to it. Grasp your penis just behind the head and pull it towards your left side. Start rotating your penis in circles with a “cranking” style. Do this nine times. Repeat the same procedure for your right side.

5) For your last pulling exercise, grasp your penis just behind the head and pull your penis straight out. Keeping the tension, touch the head of your penis lightly to the inside of your left thigh and then back out again. Do this a total of nine times.

Repeat the same procedure for the other side.

6) After your stretching exercises, you should soak in a hot tub or a warm bath to relax the tissues of the penis; similar to relaxing your muscles after a heavy workout. You may also want to massage your penis at this time (or better yet, get someone to do it for you!)

#1626 - 07/28/08 02:27 PM Stamina Exercises [Re: Big Al]
Big Al Offline

Registered: 07/16/08
Posts: 293
Stamina Exercises

Kegels and Super Kegels

Kegels are one of the most important exercises for developing a really “fit” penis.

Kegels can increase your staying time, improve the quality of your erections, can increase ejaculation power (meaning farther spurts) and in some cases, can help to restore proper functioning to the impotent.

The explanation by some professionals for this is that some people develop venous leaks in the penis over time (doing kegels have been shown to help “plug up” some of these leaks.)

To perform a kegel, simply tighten your PC muscle as if you were trying to control the flow of urine. You should try for up to 50- 5 second holds throughout the day, but remember to start off slowly! This is NOT an area that you want sore from fatigue!

Another variation of this exercise is the super-kegel. It's performed the same way as the regular kegel, except you try to go for holding endurance instead of repetition quantity. Try to work up to 5- 100 second holds spread out throughout the day.

Towel Raises

How to do Towel Raises video

This is an AWESOME exercise for developing penile strength and rock hard erections!
With an erection, place a towel over the end of your penis. Try to lift your towel-covered penis by squeezing the PC muscle (as in kegels.) Start with 20 reps and work up to 100 reps 5 times a week.

As time goes by, you can add weight by using larger towels, or even by wetting the towel.

An advanced technique for Towel Raises would be to hold the towel in the up position for 10 to 20 seconds at a time. You should attempt to work up to 5 to 10 of these sustained repetitions.

The Stop and Start

Another common problem that some men have is premature ejaculation. Some cases of premature ejaculation can be solved using the simple “Stop and Start” exercise. The Stop and Start exercise can be performed with a partner, but at best it's performed alone.

To begin, simply start by masturbating or if you are using a partner, begin having sex- an important note if you are using a partner- you must remain in full control while doing this exercise.

If your partner begins to move or tighten themselves up in any way, it will interfere with your concentration.

Proceed up until the point right before you ejaculate, THEN STOP! Rest a bit until you feel you are starting to lose your erection then proceed to start and stop two more times. AFTER the third time, you may ejaculate if you wish.

What you are doing with this exercise is building up endurance. As time goes by, your first sensation of ejaculation should take longer to achieve. It's important to try to practice this exercise every day if you are having problems with premature ejaculation.

Once you've reached your stamina goals, you can maintain them by doing your stamina work at least twice a week. You should continue to do your stamina exercises for as long as you wish to maintain your penis and its supporting organs in optimal shape.

#1627 - 07/28/08 02:28 PM Dealing with Injuries/Soreness & Maintaining Your [Re: Big Al]
Big Al Offline

Registered: 07/16/08
Posts: 293
Dealing with Injuries/Soreness

Petechiae (little red spots)- If you do PE for any length of time, you're bound to get little red spots on your penis after your worlout. These little red spots are known as "petechiae", and are actually very small bruises. As long as the bruises don't get above pinhead-size, you're OK. If they get larger than pinhead-size, then that's an indication that you're using too much intensity and/or volume. At that point, you should adjust your rep scheme or intensity level to ensure that you don't get these spots again. To alleviate petechiae, you should soak in a hot tub or wrap your penis up using the technique mentioned in the Warm Ups and Cool Downs section. During your soak/wrap, you should gently massage the penis to increase blood flow to the area and to help flush the penis. If your petechiae is especially severe or persistant, you can find supplements like "Butcher's Broom" or oral/topical Arnica to help speed healing.

Strained/sore ligaments and ligament "pops"- Sore ligaments are a sign that your workout was intense enough to cause an adaptative response in the penis. The key is to avoiding injury is to avoid excessive soreness. A very slight soreness the next day is fine. The suspensory and ancillary ligaments of the penis can be damaged by using excessive force. If your ligs are frequently sore or are so sore the next day that you feel discomfort, that's a sign of overtraining! The remedy to this would be to reduce the intensity, volume, and/or frequency of your workouts. Alternate applying hot and cold packs to the area to help speed healing. Failure to allow your ligs to recuperate can result in strains or even tears- in which case you'll require surgical intervention to restore proper penile functioning.
Some men feel and even hear a "pop" in their ligs as they do their stretching exercises. This is actually quite normal and is analagous to the noise that you hear when you crack your knuckles. Of course, any popping noise that's followed by pain should get immediate medical treatment.

Rashes- The occurence of rashes are very common. Rashes (from PE) are usually caused by a lack of lubrication while milking. A rash may appear as a small red area, or in extreme cases, may resemble a burn and may be accompanied by small cuts or scrapes. Cocoa butter cream, "Bag Balm", and other mild skin creams and ointments are effective in alleviating rashes.

Thrombosed Veins- The occurence of thrombosed veins are not too common. A thrombosed vein is a vein that's been distended due to too much internal vascular pressure inside the vein itself. It's usually caused by abusing squeeze type exercises, but pumpers have been known to get them. Many men that have suffered from this condition have commented that it's relatively painless, but a very few seem to suffer excruciating pain. The treatment for this? Rest and hot wraps/soaks. To prevent this from happening in the future, exercise moderation in the activity that caused it in the first place.

Peyronie's Disease- The occurence of Peyronie's is uncommon. According to medical experts, the causes of Peyronie's are unclear. A plaque (hard lump) that forms on the penis characterizes Peyronie's. The plaque usually causes a bend in the penis; and in severe cases, may make sexual intercourse painful or impossible. Peyronie's can be treated with exercises, but in severe cases, surgery may be required. Please see the Peyronie's and curvature section for more details.

Broken Penis- The occurence of broken penises are rare. A broken penis is caused by severe trauma to an erection, causing a rupture in the tunica. Broken penises most commonly occur during sex; while the man is thrusting, pulls out, and misses the vagina. Other causes of broken penises are falls, and careless pumping. A broken penis is characterized by intense pain and severe bruising to the penis and surrounding area. Surgery is almost always required to fix a broken penis.

Maintaining Your Gains

Once you have reached your size goals, you will need to go through a period of training known as "cementing" to "cement" your gains in place. Essentially, you taper off on the volume (not intensity) of your routine over the course of 4-8 weeks, depending on how long you've been training. Once you reach the point to where you're no longer doing PE exercises, regular stamina exercises 2-3 times a week and getting full erections on a daily basis will maintain your gains.

* * * * *

For a full, updated version of the basic routine along with access to advanced exercises and PE consultations with Big Al, please visit SPEEDPENISENLARGEMENT.

#1628 - 07/28/08 02:28 PM Charting Your Progress [Re: Big Al]
Big Al Offline

Registered: 07/16/08
Posts: 293
Charting Your Progress

The most important tool in your PE is your PE journal. Before you do your first rep of anything, you should have some of your goals logged into the journal. You will make notes on each workout day outlining the exercises done, reps, intensity, and any other pertinent information like pain felt, erectile condition, etc.) The more you put into your log, the better your feedback system will be.

Length- To measure the length of your penis in the erect state properly, simply take a tape measure and press the end as far back as it will go against your pubic bone on top of your penis (some men prefer to measure from the bottom, but results will be more accurate with measuring from the top.)

Run the tape along the curve of your penis all the way to the end of the glans. Record measurement. Measure every 2 weeks.

Within the first few months, you will progress rapidly. As with all forms of exercise, progress will start to taper somewhat after this. To keep progressing as stated before, you must keep increasing the intensity of the exercises.

For recording purposes, measuring while the penis is erect is the best way of recording progress. Although you will notice a dramatic increase in the size of your penis while it's unerect, unerect lengths vary too much to be an accurate method of gauging progress.

Girth- With your penis fully erect, wrap the measuring tape around your penis directly behind the glans. Record your girth progress as you do your length progress.

Stamina- Record your kegels and super kegels daily as listed in the kegels and super kegels section of this manual.

With your stop and starts, Note how long it takes for you to ejaculate the first time you try this. Try to aim at improving your stamina by at least 3 minutes every time.

When you have reached 25-30 minutes without ejaculating, premature ejaculation should no longer be a problem.

#6590 - 02/06/09 02:47 PM Re: Charting Your Progress [Re: Big Al]
playa Offline

Registered: 02/06/09
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great tips, i must try it
Big Ben

#6658 - 02/07/09 09:11 PM Re: Charting Your Progress [Re: playa]
Big Al Offline

Registered: 07/16/08
Posts: 293
Thanks smile Keep us posted on your progress.

#7104 - 03/11/09 01:08 AM Re: Free Penis Enlargement Routine For Beginners! [Re: Big Al]
sathyan Offline

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It is really a great tip i am obese so first i will reduce my fats and see the change.

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#8598 - 05/22/09 08:27 AM Re: Free Penis Enlargement Routine For Beginners! [Re: Big Al]
amulya Offline

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Some men have been irreversibly damaged by going under the knife in the hopes of gaining a couple of inches on their member.

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#8892 - 05/29/09 03:20 PM Re: Free Penis Enlargement Routine For Beginners! [Re: amulya]
Big Al Offline

Registered: 07/16/08
Posts: 293
Originally Posted By: amulya
Some men have been irreversibly damaged by going under the knife in the hopes of gaining a couple of inches on their member.

That's quite true. I read this piece (GRAPHIC) from the former owner of a penis enlargement surgery site who was unfortunate enough to suffer a botched procedure. As you can see, the results are not pretty.

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